Milk &Amp; Co.

Milk & Co. is a family company created by Olympic swimming champ Michael Klim, his wife Lindy Klim, and their three kids Stella, Rocco and Frankie. Kristin Trude, one of the collaborators and a huge fan of Milk and Co., interviewed Lindy exclusively for Romy and the Bunnies.

What inspired you to create MILK Baby?

When I had Stella, my first baby, I couldn’t find an organic baby product that not only I could use on her precious little skin, but also looked good in our home.

The scent of all your products is just divine and so natural for babies. How did you create it?

All of our products are natural, and we use organic ingredients whenever possible. The fragrance comes from the essential oils. For example, lavender is an ingredient that we use very frequently because of its great calming effect.

I love the idea of the Snotty Grotty Room Spray. What encouraged you to make it?

My children were always so snotty, especially when they started day care! I didn’t really like the idea of using a vaporizer in their rooms because I felt it was not safe. So I thought, if I could come up with something I could use in the room and spray on their bedding, the product would be even more effective. I also love that it acts as an antiseptic because of the tee tree oil and eucalyptus!

And the Protect Me SPF 30 Sunscreen is so essential for our bubs! It’s a beautiful product.

The funny thing about the sunscreen is that I came up with it only when we had Frankie, our third baby. She came out having her dad’s skin tone and she had the whitest skin and hair! At that time I had always just used regular adult sunscreen on my other two kids, but Frankie was so fair so I wanted to create something special for her.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do ship internationally! We are also now stocked all over the world including Boots in the UK, China, Poland, Singapore and many more.

We are really looking forward to the expansion of the MILK Her collection for mums. When is it expected to launch?

I am so excited to be launching MILK by Lindy Klim for us mums! We are on track to launch in June of this year.

Thank you Lindy!

Illustration by Kate Schelter



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