You’re about eight months along now–What’s the experience of pregnancy been like for you?

I have loved every minute of it, the highs and the lows. It’s such a beautiful God-given gift to carry a child and experience the whole range of emotions and feelings coming from within. I have been so happy, breaking into hysterical laughter often. I have been able to keep my independence and travel the world and work as much as I have wanted to, which is a lot! The only thing that has been a bit of a bother is heartburn, but I think I just like to overeat and maybe a little too much candy 🙂

You had a more eventful baby shower than most! Can you tell us a bit about it?

My great friend Jess Hart throw me a very eventful baby shower, she is such an incredible party planner. She really went all out, with personalized items like hats, cupcakes, onesies, signage, trinkets etc. They had Watermelon Vodka and Rosé from baby bottles and we managed to get caught in an elevator and then stuck in the cold rain outside, lol. Jess had a ton of games for us to play to keep us entertained, and we had an incredible pizza truck that even served Nutella pizza, which was delicious.

Who celebrated with you?

Two of my oldest friends Jess Hart and Jess Gomes (godmother), plus a bunch of my New York friends. I even had some friends from LA and Australia there. New York is such a transient place, so it’s great to have parties because it ends up being a mixed bag of whoever is in town. It was loads of fun.

Once the elevator excitement ended, what did you guys do? Any fun games or foods?

We played the baby naming game– a game where you had to identify the celebrity baby, we designed bibs and little jumpsuits for the baby, and we also played a game where we had flashing guitars around our necks and if you said the word “baby” you would lose your guitar, so whoever ended up with the most guitars at the end won! A really good friend of mine, Nicole De Luca, had been filming me in Austin, Texas on her Super 8 camera and brought a beautiful little film to show us. She projected it onto the wall with an old school projector, which was pretty epic.

What have been some of you favorite gifts? For you? For the baby?

I love Bonpoint in Paris, so I have some uber-lux items from there. I also love the Bugaboo stroller, I have the Buffalo which is great for off-roading 🙂 I love little baby clothes– it’s magical opening gifts that are itty bitty little items of soft clothing with the smell of a newborn. I gifted myself (and the baby) an Ayurvedic meditation retreat in Byron Bay. That was a pretty incredible experience–the food and the rituals along with the life-changing discussions–and is something I feel was quite special to do for me and my baby during pregnancy.

What’s your pregnancy beauty routine been like?

Long, long, long showers, I have been staying in there for two hours or more… I love oils, so I’ve stocked up on some really beautiful nurturing oils. Also, downloading some of my favorite TV series and staying in bed. I have been leaving my hair natural, to give it a rest from being worked on so much as a model, and it’s quite wild–like a beachy mess. I kinda love it 🙂

What are you most nervous for? Most excited for?

I’m most nervous that I won’t have time to take a shower and get dressed in the morning. I have a habit of putting everyone before me, and I know that even with all the help, I will still want to be the one that is the most hands-on with the baby. So I need to make sure to shower and take care of myself. I am most excited to see what this little one is going to look like! My fiancé is African American and has the most beautiful features, but I guess we are not even sure what color our baby will be!

What’s been your favorite way to treat yourself?

I love long walks with my man and I love when he cooks for me– he doesn’t do it often so it is special when he does– as he is quite talented with flavors. I’ve also loved traveling the world while being pregnant. It’s funny, the older I get the more I enjoy traveling. I can’t wait to have grandchildren so I can be the crazy grandma that takes each of them on adventurous trips to all of the world’s culturally rich places.

You’re Australian, and you and your fiancé spend a lot of time in Austin, Texas. Do you have any shopping tips for either place?

I can tell you more about food than about shopping. In Austin, Lamberts for BBQ, Torchy’s Tacos for Mexican, Uchi for Japanese, Daruma for Ramen, Odd Duck for deliciousness, and La Condesa for brilliant Mexican fusion. In Australia, Icebergs for the luxury and view, Riley Street Garage for the pork shoulder, Bills for brunch and the corn fritters, Miss Chu for takeaway Vietnamese, and I love the pork buns and summer rolls and Mr Wong for Chinese! Wow, I sound pregnant 🙂

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