Nadejda Savcova, Mother of Vladimir, 1 month.

What did u love the most about your pregnancy ?

I was lucky cause during all my pregnancy I felt great and i enjoyed every minute of the incredible miracle taking place inside of my belly . Until it happens to you , you don’t understand  fully how special it is .
Feeling your child moving It’s probably one of the most amazing  feelings. I also loved the feeling that  u are never ever alone .
Leaving in New York which can be a very hectic city I  was in a zen mode during the pregnancy like nothing else really mattered, everyone and everything could wait .
I actually miss that time and my belly :))

What was the most difficult part ?  

Probably the most difficult was not having as much physical energy as usual . I am a person who can’t ever be on the sofa all day so this was a new adjustment to my life style, as I wasn’t able to finish up things that I started  for days . Sometimes it would take me 2 days to get to an email or to finish simple tasks .

You kept pregnancy pretty discreet, how difficult was it?

I haven’t shown for many months and during that period it wasn’t hard to keep it discreet. I loved the feeling of having a secret before anything really showed on the outside and to know something happening inside the belly  :))
Also I felt that this moment was quite personal and I just kept it limited to a small circle of close friends and family .

You managed to model during pregnancy how did u manage to stay in shape ?

Pre-pregnancy I used to work out around 5 times a week , it was hard to keep same schedule during pregnancy but I tried to work out at least 3-4 times a week . Mixing prenatal yoga (At Aqua tribeca with Latham Thomas) , boxing ( at Gotham gym ) and resistant training with elastic bands .

Do you have any beauty tips or favorite products you would like to share ?

My face care routine was vey simple and I used products that I usually use .  You don’t need much anyhow as u have that “special glow ”
I used Cleanser and facial cream from Dr .Barbara Sturm .
facial massage and hydrating treatments  from Isabelle Bellis in New York ( 120 east 65 street New York 10065 Ny )
For the body, during my pregnancy I gently exfoliated the area of legs and belly with Papaya peeling shower cream from LigneSst.Barth
And applied  every night Udderly Gorgeous stretch mark balm from Cowshed .
Also when it was allowed I was doing relaxing pre natal massages as well as lymphatic drainage massages for the legs to help circulation with Weleda stretch mark body oil or Shea moisture mommy stretch mark intensive oil .

You are from Moldavia and your husband from italy , living in New York . How do you plan exposing your baby to both cultures ? Any traditions ?

I grow up in moldavia in a Russian speaking family so most of the traditions I was brought up are mixed between Russian and Moldavian . We are planning with my Italian husband to keep the discipline of speaking to the baby in the two distinct languages and reading stories  in both languages russian And italian . Also by  living in New York kids become exposed to people with different backgrounds and cultures automatically which is great and enriching .

Any favorite baby brands ?

There are so many brands and sometimes I need to stop myself as I find more pleasure in shopping for my little boy then myself .
I love brands like Sweet William , Bonpoint, Petit bateau , Livly , Ouef , Ralph Lauren , , and I love as well carters  they have many cute stuff .  

What do You look the most forward to in becoming a mother ?  

The Excitement of having created a new life and to watch him grow and make sure he becomes the best version of me.
And for myself I hope I can become an example for him -someone that he can trust , look up to and love .

Photos By Sante D’Orazio for Romy and The Bunnies

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