Miranda Kerr, Mother Of Flynn 2 Years Old

Miranda, we regularly see pictures of you with your son Flynn. Despite having an incredibly busy schedule, you are clearly very hands on with him! As a working mom, how do you manage to find a balance between being a model, a mommy, and running your own skincare line?

For me planning is key. Since becoming a mother, I’ve re-evaluated my priorities and scheduled my work more efficiently to ensure my son is my priority. When I get home after work or have a day off, I make a concerted effort to switch off and be present in the moment with him.

You travel a lot with your son. I traveled a lot with my baby girl when she was little, but now that she is almost a year old, I find it much harder. Do you have any tips for making trips as smooth as possible?

I try to prepare as best as possible to make it fun for him. I give extra thought to my carry on luggage to ensure I have his favorite books, color in pencils and pads, and as he loves loves classical music, I make sure my iPod is charged so we can listen to music together.

I also think it’s important to prepare his food for the flight so I take a little bag with his meals and snacks.

What are your favorite things to do together?

Being outside in nature – whether it’s hiking, playing at the park together or even sitting under a tree reading a book. We also love music. We turn on the music at home and love singing and dancing together. But some of my favourite times are when we just sit and laugh together. Flynn has the most infectious laugh and they’re precious times!

What would be a perfect day together with Flynn?

Every day spent with my son is a perfect day. I’m blessed with a healthy happy son and I could not ask for more. Our most intimate times though would include cooking in the kitchen, reading a book, or painting  – he loves being creative! Ending a magical day spent exploring the world and nature with a bath and reading a bedtime book is also something we love doing.

What are your favorite childrenswear brands?

Reebok trainers, Tuss, Popupshop, Vans shoes, Crew Cuts, Nico Nico, Bobo Choses and I love mixing it with pieces from Gap and Mango kids. My Nan also knits some amazing sweaters!

You are always so impeccably dressed. Do you have any pregnancy dressing tips? What was your day to day style? Did you have any favorite pieces?

My approach to every day fashion is quite classic, and I love being comfortable. So when dressing whilst pregnant I tried to keep it sophisticated and relaxed. I avoided high heels and opted for classic ballet flats or loafers. A blazer was also a staple item paired back with jeans or a maxi dress.  Around the house I kept it simple with soft and easy lounge wear. I chose natural fibres like cashmere, cotton and silk.

And while pregnant, what was your favorite outfit that you wore to an event?

It would have to be a vintage silk robe that I wore often at home whilst pregnant. It was also what I wore when I first breastfed my son.

You have your own skincare line. Which products from KORA Organics would you recommend the most for pregnant ladies?

It’s hard to choose one, as I used and loved all the products throughout my pregnancy. But, like most Mom’s I love products that multitask, so the Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil is one I would highly recommend. Its beneficial both pre and post pregnancy to treat stretch marks, your over all skin’s hydration and of course is suitable to add to your newborn’s bath.

As working mothers we don’t have much time for a beauty routine. If you could only use 3 products from Kora Organics, which ones would they be?

I designed the KORA Organics range to provide a personalized ‘skin type’ approach to nourishing and nurturing the skin. There are three basic skin types that we identify with; normal/dry, normal/sensitive and oily/combination. KORA Organics has the 3 Step Systems formulated specifically to suit each different skin type. I would suggest choosing the 3 Step System that best suits your skin and introducing my daily 3 step process which involves cleansing, misting (toning) and moisturising as a way of getting started and becoming familiar with the KORA Organics range.

I love all of the products from my KORA Organics skincare range, I am never without them!

How did you stay in shape throughout your pregnancy, and how did you get back in shape after giving birth to Flynn?

I maintained my fitness through yoga along with brisk walking. I tried to do at least 20 minutes of exercise each day. After having Flynn, and when I felt ready I started to amp up my exercise routine with pilates and resistance training.

Thank you Miranda!

Illustration by Ricardo Fumanal




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