Kelly Klein, Mother Of Lukas, 6

How old is your son Lukas?

Lukas turned 6 at the end of October. He is a Scorpio and so am I. Two Scorpios is an interesting duo.

What do you enjoy doing with him the most? Do you have any favorite bonding activities?

Lukas was born via a surrogate so bonding with him was my most important priority. Even though I was in the delivery room and he was handed to me at birth I didn’t have the same emotions and feelings from being pregnant as most mothers have. We had 9 months of catch up to do.  I decided that spending as much time with him in the water would be a wonderful way to bond. We took baths together every night and would spend time swimming as often as possible. He became an incredible swimmer early on because of this. Our nighttime ritual was also very important – it’s bath, story time and then bed, which we still do every night.

Lukas is a very active boy so we spend most weekends leaving NYC and going someplace where we can spend time doing outdoor activities. On weekends we go biking, play tennis, go boating, and one of our favorite activities is taking beach walks and looking for treasures. Basically just spending as much quality time together as possible.

You have one of the fittest bodies in the industry. How do you stay in such good shape?

I work out 5 days a week: one day spinning at Soul Cycle, and five days a week with a private trainer doing lots of core, weights and cardio. On the weekends I play tennis. I have always had to stay fit because of the horses, but now that I have retired from horse showing, I stay fit to keep up with Lukas and to stay healthy. It’s constant activity and at my age you cannot relax about the exercise.

Can you share any beauty and skin care tips for moms?

My wonderful baby nurse Louise told me when Lukas was born to start juicing greens everyday. She swore that would keep me strong and healthy to deal with my new son. I bought the Breville juicer and for the past 6 years have used it every morning. I really believe this has kept me very healthy even with my son bringing home school germs every day! I don’t use body creams, as I don’t like the chemicals used in them.  I use a sunscreen everyday and wash my face with Aboleen, never soap or cleanser. I use Crème de la Mer or Estée Lauder Re-nutriv Re-creation Face Creme and Night Serum only when my face is feeling very dry. For make up, I have just bought AERIN’s entire new make up colors and loving them.

How do you balance your time between motherhood, photography, and producing art books?

I really waited to embark on motherhood till very late in life. At 50, I decided to start my family. I worked very hard since I was a teenager through my late 40’s. I was always too busy to think about motherhood. Now I am 57 and my time is spent with Lukas. I work a little as a photographer and I love to do my arts books. I usually do one every 5-7 years. I have devoted my life now to raising Lukas along with his father, Nick  It is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done and I couldn’t be happier.

What are your favorite children’s wear brands for your son?

I dress him quite casually but he loves bow ties, dress shirts and very smart blazers. I love Crewcuts, Stella Kids, Little Marc Jacobs, and Gap Kids. I usually buy his winter puffer coat at Bonpoint.

What are your favorite travel destinations with Lukas?

We travel a lot. I have four homes and we use all of them, so we are constantly on the go. We live in Palm Beach in the winter months. We go to Argentina in the late fall to visit Nick who works there as a polo player. Lukas is great ice skater and skier so we go to Aspen 2-3 times a year. We love our summers in East Hampton at the beach and we spend the early fall and spring in NYC enjoying all the fun fall activities.

Can you share some tips for when traveling with a child? Does it get easier or more difficult as they get older?

Traveling with children has become much easier due to modern technology. At a very early age, they learn to use an iPad, which really has become a lifesaver when traveling. I download great movies and educational apps and Lukas can entertain himself no matter how the long the flight or drive is.  He also never leaves home without his stuffed dog named Bunny, who is a great traveling companion for Lukas.

As a mom what do you do to de-stress? Do you have any go-to spots?

Once he is off to school, I work out.  I get a massage at least once a week. I have not been to a spa in 6 years, but what I do really enjoy is to take one week off in the summer and travel with a few of my friends without Lukas. We usually go to Europe and just relax, I really look forward to that. It’s my de-stressing gift to myself.

What has the experience of motherhood been like? What things has your son taught you, or perhaps surprised you with?

Motherhood has been a journey for me – the best, most challenging journey I have ever taken! I have changed tremendously as a person since I became a mother. I am devoted to keeping our family together, which does require a lot of work. Lukas has taught me to be selfless and to realize what is important in life – which is love, happiness and health.  I love fashion, architecture and design and don’t think I could live without that stimulation but my son and family is what is my priority is now.

What do you love most about being a mom?

I have to say so far I am enjoying the 6-year-old boy. The things he says completely blow me away. I love his kisses and his enthusiasm for life. Everyday is a new and exciting day – filled with adventure and certainly never boring. The rewards of watching him learn, seeing him with his friends and just living his life gives me such great pleasure.

Photographed by Ethan James Green


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