What are some of your favorite ways to relax or treat yourself?

I like Thai Massage after a long week of training or a hot bath with salts. I also like a glass of wine here and there and dark chocolate.

What was your pregnancy style like? Did you have any favorite brands or shops?

My pregnancy style was pretty out there. I think I wore a yellow Egyptian caftan while giving birth and the rest of the time was either in all black stretchy stuff or really colorful fruity stuff. I was having fun in Hawaii near the end there, trying to blend in with the native flora 🙂

What are your favorite things to cook for your daughter? For yourself?

I cook a nice rice porridge with raisins and coconut milk for my daughter in the mornings sometimes, which I think is really special, and we always make soups or pasta for ourselves and our daughter. We try to keep it simple and fresh. Recently while getting off breastfeeding I make Naia a little bit of chocolate milk. 🙂

Who has been your go-to for pregnancy/motherhood advice? 

I was gifted the Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff while I was pregnant and it became the cornerstone for my parenting style. I’ve tended to use my instinct but I of course ask my mother and my partner’s mother for advice as well.

What’s your ideal day together as a family? 

I love to go to the park, playground, or to the beach with Naia or when visiting the city, taking her to museums, cafe’s and toy stores.

Did your beauty routine change much when pregnant? Or even after, now that you’re running after a toddler ? 

My beauty regime has always been pretty simple, but I stopped dying my hair while I was pregnant. I also was more conscious of what I put on my skin so I relied pretty heavily on coconut and sesame oil. Now I find that I enjoy putting on more makeup sometimes, although that might just be part of growing older!

Who are some of your favorite kids clothing brands or shops?

I like to shop on Zulily and find deals, I love smocking and embroidery on girls dresses. At the moment we have a lot of Fantasie Kids and Child of the World from there. I also like Country Road, Pumpkin Patch and the Gap and picking up random things along the way in my travels. But my favorite finds will always be vintage treasures, pieces that have been handed down from when I was a baby and beautifully handmade items!

You’re a new mom who’s balancing work and travel and all of the exciting changes that come with motherhood—when have you felt most balanced? Or least balanced?

I feel most balanced in nature when surrounded by friends, family and loved ones.

How has motherhood changed your lifestyle?

It has changed my lifestyle, but I’m used to that by now! I still manage to train, to go out, to paint and play music, and spend time with friends and at the beach so I’m not complaining! My partner and I make sure we alternate taking care of Naia and ourselves and make the most of all the relatives who want to spend time with her to get stuff done!

Have you travelled much together as a family? We’re always looking for tips on traveling with little ones!

Yes, we have been traveling a lot recently. We love to travel and try to keep things simple on the road as it’s definitely challenging sometimes, but we find it is very stimulating for us all. Some of the best advice is to try to travel when your kids will be sleeping!

What  do you hope your daughter learns from you? What have you learned from her?

I find it so fun teaching Naia things, whether it’s yoga poses, words, how to draw or clean or play a musical instrument- I really hope she remains such a good student! But I also hope she learns the true value of close family ties and loyal friends, I hope she knows herself to be free but generates an internal discipline, I hope she learns strength and pride in herself enough to speak her mind, follow her dreams and stand up for herself. I hope she keeps laughing amidst the ups and the downs and stays healthy, happy, and curious throughout her life. I have learned from her the strength and bliss of love.


Tori Praver, Model, Founder and Designer of Tori Praver Swimwear, and mother to Ryan. Los Angeles, California

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