Ariane Goldman, Founder and CEO of HATCH, mother to Charlie and Georgie, New York City

You’re running two successful businesses (HATCH Collection and twobirds Bridesmaid) that both have a lot to do with family and motherhood— when do you feel most inspired? Most balanced?

I think inspiration has only magnified with pregnancy and as my girls grow. I definitely feel balanced as a result of, well, balance. Both family time and time at work are super important to me, and I know I wouldn’t feel as strong or happy if one took over completely. Being well-rounded is the key to sanity.

Obviously you have an expert’s take on pregnancy style—what advice would you give to an expectant mother who’s looking to keep her style?

Do just that: keep your style. Don’t all of a sudden go out and buy a bunch of floral print smock dresses if you’re a tailored, minimalist type. Take your personal basics and see how you can adjust them or restyle them to suit your new body. And don’t be afraid to buy for pregnancy… just make sure you’re buying functional, adaptable shapes that you can wear after too.

What are some of your favorite Hatch pieces for Spring?

We went totally print crazy for Spring – the collection is well-traveled: full of shibori and batik inspired patterns. My favorites–the Indochine Pant or the Twilight Jumpsuit–are fun and chic. Oh, and I’m going to live in the new Cami. It’s an effortless pick.

Do you have any favorite kids clothing shops/brands?

I love Bobo Choses and Flora et Henri. For newborns, of course Makié is a staple and everything Oeuf. American Apparel tees kill as Charlie gets older and Tutu Du Monde for the most whimsical party dresses.

Did your beauty routine change at all when pregnant?

Not really… I try to use products that are good to my body in any state, though I did go heavy on the Clarins Huile Tonic to keep my belly firm.

Do you have any tips for travelling with little ones?

iPad. Do it. And snacks.

Who do you turn to for pregnancy advice?

My mom. And my friends. But, at the end of the day, we all have our own experience, right?

How do you like to relax or treat yourself?

I take two baths a day which really relax me. I also often take a trip to ABC Home and walk around floor by floor. The world there is so inspiring and I always find myself refreshed after a few hours of me time there.

Hatch Collection works with the amazing organization Every Mother Counts—how did the partnership come about? 

Quite organically, actually. When I founded HATCH, Christy (Turlington Burns) had just started EMC with the mission of awareness about global maternal health issues, and as that organization has grown, I’ve tried to continue to support the amazing action they’ve taken in countries all over the world to ensure that women everywhere have a safe birthing and post-natal experience. At its core, HATCH was founded to make sure women can keep feeling good about themselves through pregnancy and beyond, so it makes sense that we would want to contribute to a charity that takes that idea to the next level and actually tries to ensure that women are physically safe during that time.

What do you hope your kids learn from you? What have you learned from them?

I’m going to try to refrain from a really long list here, as I have SO many hopes for them…

I hope they can learn to follow their passions. And to not be afraid to take risks and invest in your beliefs, even if that feels scary sometimes. As far as what I have learned from them: I’ve definitely learned to be more patient. My heart has grown. I’m just stronger because of them. Better too, I hope.


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Photos by Max Goldman




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