Jade Parfitt and Jackson

Model & TV Presenter, Jackson, 9 years old

London, United Kingdom

1. What do you love the most about being pregnant?                                     

I love the magic of knowing that a life is growing inside me, I love feeling the baby shift around and get hiccups! I am so excited to find out who this person is. Also the dreams I’ve been having have been pretty wild.

2. What do you find the hardest in being pregnant?  

I find it tough having to slow down physically, I am usually really active so I find it irritating that I get tired so quickly and can’t go for such long walks and run around with my son as much as I usually do.

3.How does this second time around differs from the 1st?

I am 9 years older than I was the last time I was pregnant so things are very different this time around. I am much less nervous as I am more grown up in myself so I have been able to enjoy the process much more this time around, however being older also means I have a bit less energy so that has been difficult.

4.What has been your pregnancy style? Do you have any favorite brands or key outfits? Is it much different from your first pregnancy?

I was filming and shooting a lot up until about a month ago, and though I have found it challenging dressing the bump for fashion week it has also been fun. I have found layering to be key, so keeping it relatively simple underneath with a great coat and bag has been a real go to look for work, I have been lucky that alot of the designers that send me outfits to wear have also enjoyed the challenge – I love the dresses Giles Deacon loaned me, and wore a great Hussein Chalayan coat that I will wear regardless of pregnancy, off duty has been all about comfort, Jeans from Seraphine and Nike trainers with my boyfriends shirts and cashmere jumpers most days!

5. What has been your beauty routine? Are you into all natural products? Or do you just stick to your normal beauty routine? Any favorite brands

I am still using most of the same products that I usually use, Charlotte Tilbury’s magic cream has been excellent for my dry skin, Kiehls volumizing shampoo is a staple, as is my MAC blush for those days my skin needs a bit of extra color. I have been slathering on masses of the Mamma Mio tummy rub oil, which is all natural and organic, in the hope that it may help combat the worst of the stretch marks – either way it has become a lovely routine, 5 minutes where I really take time to check in with the bump every day.

6. How do you manage to stay in shape? 

I have continued to work out twice a week with my amazing trainer at EQVVS gym in Knightsbridge, it is my biggest treat of the week as they are so clever at adapting exercises to suit my changing shape and ability, it’s been wonderful at helping me strengthen areas such as my lower back which has suffered more during this pregnancy.

7.You are already a mom. I am sure its a bit more difficult than the first one when its all about ourselves. How do you find moment to relax?

My son who is now 8 is so excited about the new baby that has been a real joy, however in the very early stages of pregnancy if I wasn’t working I would literally do the school run then go back to bed for an hour! I think it has just been about making the most of any available time I have. I finally made it to a pregnancy yoga class this week and that felt like a real achievement!

8. Any favorite spas to recommend for pregnant women in London?

I have been for pregnancy massages at Elemis and Cowshed, both have been brilliantly relaxing, I have also been seeing an excellent osteopath for my back pain, he does home visits so that has probably been my biggest luxury as you can literally lie in your own bed for an hour after your treatment joelhamiltonosteo@gmail.com

9.What are your favorite places to travel to with your son?

My son loves travelling, we go to Devon a lot as that is where my parents live and he loves it there. I think one of our most memorable holidays was 3 summers ago, when I was still a single parent, we travelled to Italy just the two of us and had a two week road trip visiting Sienna, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, and lots of other lovely places in between. The Italians were so welcoming, they loved my little blonde boy, and of course he loved all the pizza, pasta, and gelato!

10. What are your favorite things to do together?

Jackson has always loved sushi! So we go for little sushi dates together, trying out new restaurants whenever we find them. We also love going exploring in Kew Gardens or Richmond Park, going to the movies, swimming, and baking – he is an excellent sous chef.

Photos by Billal Taright

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