Anne Du Boucheron, Mother Of Max, 11 Months

Hi Anne! Can you tell us about yourself and what your job entails as a photographer’s agent?

Hello Julia! First of all thank you for having me on Romy and the Bunnies. I LOVE the site! I am French, Venezuelan, and was born in Brazil. I arrived in New York in 1998, and have been living mostly in Brooklyn. I studied business and political science in Lyon as well as fashion design in Paris at Studio Berçot. Before moving to the US, I worked as a stylist and then started casting shows for a little while.

As a photographers’ agent my main role is to help photographers build their career. I help them define their signature and position their work so clients can identify their distinct style and recognize them as unique. I also negotiate their contracts with editorial and advertising clients.

I am so amazed at how seamlessly you manage both a demanding career and raising your own baby, all whilst being a single mum. What has this journey been like for you, and how do you balance your time so effectively? 

I have an amazing support system, I think that is the key to juggling all these new responsibilities. I have an incredible nanny that not only looks after my little Max but also has always words of wisdom to help me keep a healthy balance.

I am fortunate to work for a company that places very highly family values. Marco and Mao who own the company have been amazingly supportive throughout. They have facilitated flexible hours and never made me feel like I needed to make a choice between my son and my career.

Also, my coworkers and photographers have been incredible at helping me consolidate work hours so I can (almost always) make it home in time for dinner 🙂

You have lived in New York for quite some time, but are originally from France. How do you think this has influenced your perspectives, both as a mother raising a child, and as a creative mind in the arts and fashion industry? 

As a mother, I think it has made me more relaxed. I focus on giving my son a lot of love and stability, I nurture his curiosity but always try to respect him as an individual. I give him space and time to play on his own and discover the world at his own pace. I don’t feel pressured to turn him into an overachiever.

I think it is the same in the way I work with my photographers. It is more about helping them find themselves rather than making them fill a preconceived mold.

During your pregnancy what were some of your favorite brands to wear? Did you give into maternity clothing at all?

The only pregnancy clothes that I wore were my pregnancy jeans. They were an absolute life saver. Otherwise I stayed in within my regular brands. I found T by Alexander Wang to be a great way to remain stylish and comfortable as my belly grew.

What activities do you enjoy doing the most with your son?

We always take long walks with our dog Henry on the weekends. We love going to the waterfront Transmitter Park in Greenpoint and watching the river and boats go by. We also have some favorite restaurants. Max loves to try new foods and eating out with him is always fun. Now that summer is here, we spend a lot of time in his kiddie pool on our rooftop garden.

What are your favorite children’s wear brands?

I tend to mix and match. He also grows so fast that always buying designer brands becomes too costly 😉 I love Bout’chou which is the Monoprix kids brand. I always stock up when I go to France. And then I mix these with Jacadi and Bonpoint. I also find Baby Gap great for little boys. Also I love this Spanish brand called Bobo Choses.

Can you tell us about your beauty and fitness routines during and post-pregnancy? 

I drink lots of water and walk a lot. To be truthful, I haven’t found the time to get back into my pre-pregnancy exercise routine. I used to do an hour of yoga/core daily. My goal is to get back to at least 1/2 hour daily by the time Max is one year old… ambitious I know…

Have you taken your son out on long trips? What would be your advice for ensuring a smooth, comfortable trip when flying with a baby in tow?

We have done transatlantic twice so far, and our next trip is in August to France. What worked for us was a late flight (so he can sleep), his own seat (if you can afford it it is by far the safest and most comfortable option) and ear muffs.

Aside from clothes, can you recommend any particular baby must-haves?

For Maman, definitely Bio-Oil. I was very worried about stretch marks and I am almost sure that this is what saved me from them.

For Bébé, a Stokke Highchair and the newborn set. It gives you a place to put the baby down when he is little that is not a bed, and he can observe the room and people around him comfortably. Also Toosh Butt Butter, after trying all possible remedies for Max’s diaper rash it was the only thing that worked. Finally, the Mam bottles, they take a second to get used to as you need to take them apart to clean them but I know many colicky babies whose life (and that of their parents) changed forever with these.

Last but not least, how has motherhood changed you?

Being a mother has made me happier and more complete. It realigned my perspective of life and it definitely made me feel closer to my parents and understand them more. It has helped me appreciate the little things in life and take my time to savor every minute of the day rather than rush through it. It has also made me more organized. What was I doing with all that free time before Max?

Thank you Anne!

Photos by Emily Jean Ullrich


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