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What does the brand Je m’en fous mean to you, and what is its philosophy?

The name of the brand itself reveals my philosophy “ I couldn’t care less about the mania for logos (o about the Logo-Mania). Je m’en fous’ soul is the love for outfits designed with passion and love for fabrics chose with care, that are recognizable not necessary because of the label.

What prompted you to start your company?

After I have worked at Ralph Lauren in New York City while I was younger, I realized that I wanted to start my own brand with an unique and fresh style.  Thank to the team and the great environment at Ralph Lauren, I felt in love with fashion in general and I understood that fashion was the path that I wanted to take.

What inspires you in the designing process?

I love that great sparkly sensation that I feel during the very first step of the design. An idea, a color, a situation, a piece of art, a drowning from my daughter can become  easily a fun sketch for a future collection.
I can get inspired night and day by everything is around me. I always note ideas on my i-phone. It can happen even during a dinner with friends for example!

What made you think of designing matching outfits?

I like the idea of mix and match outfits. I love  that my clients can “ play” around my outfits and that they can do their own “je m’en fous” own styles. We should all have a “je m’en fous” style, especially during the summer season!

What are your favourite pieces to design?

Definitely the bikini. Summer is my favorite season ever, since I am little. I like vivid colors with neon details. I try also to design colorful outfits for the fall/winter collection, but it is never the same thing. The feelings that you can have wearing colors change during the season, as the branches of a tree

Where are your favourite places to wear your designs?

I’ve always loved the beaches in St Tropez and in St Barth. I adore NY but sometimes I need a break from it and I like to run away and wear a “je m’en fous bikini” on a wild beach. I am very attached to my family, my sister has 3 daughters, I have 2, so my ideal vacations are always on the beach with them.

How is Je m’en fous affected by you being a mother? Does your designing style change because of your children?

Since I am a mom I can definitely understand more about the needs of a mother on the beach. I can easily “taste” at home in my own family the pros and cons of a bikini for a little girl. I also believe a lot in the first reaction of my bigger daughter Madina. If she doesn’t like a print, I follow her instinct. We have lots of fun together!

Who/what are your inspirations?

I love arts, and I love to travel. I am very active and I am a very curious person.I am always interested in the last exhibition, or new concept store in town. I have every type of friends that enrich me every time they have different stories to tell me from all over the world. I am half Deutsch from my mother’s side, so I have quite a genetic disposition to be open minded and not very conventional! Diversity doesn’t scare me, the opposite, it attracts me!

How do you balance motherhood and work?

I always try to look at things from a positive prospective. I don’t like to make major drama and I pick my battles with the kids. I am a very patient person and I really love kids, so it comes to me quite naturally. I like to teach to my kids the important things of life. But also the “je m’en fous” part of life for the less important things. We are living in a very difficult historic moment and I feel that I have, as a mother, the responsibility to show them how to grow happy but also to recognize the attitude that they should have depending on the situations that the life will present.

How would you suggest keeping your youthful energy when you become a mother?

I know that motherhood can be difficult, especially at the beginning. Even with helps at home, the “mamma” is always the “mamma”. I try to find a balance between the family and the work. But as I said, the positive attitude is so important for me. And seriously, sometimes we (the women) can’t do everything! So my advice to women would be not to try to be perfect in everything but ever stop to love themselves and sometimes use a “je m’en fous“ attitude when we can’t be everywhere!

What is a typical day for you like?

I wake up at 7 and I prepare breakfast for Madina and Olivia and then I bring them to school. During those hours when they are not at home, I become Giulia- the business woman and I work from home. Our headquarter is based in Milan so I am at the phone all the time in the morning from NY. The good part is that at one point Milan goes to sleep and I can have time to stay with the kids. I want my kids to grow up with friends around, like a I did. My home have always be full of friends when I was little. So I organize playdates, easter eggs hunting, Carnival party…. My friends already know that in my home there is always a happening!

Of course in the evening we can’t wait at night to have my husband coming home! The kids normally have a lot of energy and I definitely need him to get in charge when he is back!

Do you have any tips on keeping a work/life balance?

I believe that we need to find sometimes for ourselves. I know it is not easy, especially if you don’t have help at home. But as the Romans were saying” mens sana in corpore sano”.  When I am too stress because of home or work, I understand that I need a walk by myself, a run at the gym, or a drink with a friend. It’s like to have fresh mind in you head and you are ready to “reset” the mood and start again the routine!


As a businesswoman, what do you do to relax with your family?

I am a cinema addicted. There is almost no movies that I have not watched. Seriously! I go at the movie theater at least one a week. My husband loves to go as well, so we are in line and when the kids are asleep, we run away from our routine and dream with a movie. I am also into series sometime, the American one are incredibly well done! My last crush has been Big little lies! Too bad is already over!

Where is your favourite place to vacation with your family?

We love to go to Sardinia! We feel home, we have incredibly great souvenir since I am little. We started to see that the same pictures I had with my Mom, my sister and myself in Sardinia are almost the same I am taking now with my two daughters. Same place, but different subjects.

What is your funnest family activity?

We love to scare my husband when he comes home! In general we hide into his closet and when he start to get undress after work and open the closet…..well…her little women are there shouting! Now we have to change place….next time can be the shower..or under the bed…keep you posted!

What did you love to wear while pregnant?

I felt cool and sexy despite the big belly in my husband shirt. But in the summer I used a lot “Je m’en fous” caftan. They were fun and chic and they could easily accommodate a big belly  !at the time I introduced also some swimsuits for pregnant women. They have been a great success!

What was your go-to pregnancy beauty product?

My must have were  the Honest beauty product, they are organic and natural.

Do you have any advice for new mothers who want to stay stylish?

At the moment I have a crush on moms that wear the backpack! I love the idea that a backpack considered as something for young girls is used as a kind of diapers bag! If you think about it is definitely a “je m’en fous” kind of attitude wear a backpack instead of a more classic diapers bag! I also love moms that can be classic rock. Fun and chic at the same time. In the end when you wear something that you like with a touch of “irony” is always a win- win situation to me!

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