The Summer Bath Upgrade

It’s finally (!) midsummer–the season for patios and wine and blue nights and late bedtimes–and, like every summer, we are revelling in our more relaxed schedules. One of our favorite ways to revel/relax–even when it’s hot out–is by treating ourselves to a bath. Epsom salts are good for everyday, but sometimes you need something with a little more escapist potential–say, for those weeknights when you’d rather be decompressing by the ocean instead of in your tub. So as a happy compromise, we’ve started treating ourselves to Pursoma‘s insanely good bath soaks. Our current favorite: the Resurrection Bath, made up of four ingredients (French green clay, French grey sea salt, wild harvested seaweed, and spirulina extract), the bath is meant to ‘revitalize and remineralize’ and help detoxify your system of all the daily stressors it encounters. The Digital DeTox Bath is also in rotation, and with just two ingredients (French green clay and French grey sea salt), it’s helped soothe our tired muscles and soften our city-weary skin.

So while in the restorative powers of salt water we trust, if the seaside isn’t quite yet within your grasp, bring the salt and seaweed to you. Cheaper than a plane ticket or the spa, and way more escapist than a box of epsom salts (though we do love them), light up a candle, pour yourself a glass of rosé, and make like the summer solstice goddess you are.


Illustration by Kate Sexton 


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