Shoshanna Gruss

What do you love the most about being a mother?  

There is not much I don’t love about being a mother. I get pure joy just being near my children. I can feel my heart fill as my daughter walks out of the school house at pick up, when I first spot her. I have that same feeling when I grab one of my twins after a nap. Being a mother is what I enjoy most about life.


What do you find the hardest in being a mother?  

For me, the hardest part of being a mom is not worrying.  And allowing my children to make their own mistakes and figure things out on their own. My first instinct is to help, and always be there, but I am working on giving them a bit of independence and responsibility. I know if I don’t, they will only suffer for it later.


What surprised you the most or was the biggest lesson after becoming a mother?

I remember holding my daughter for the first time, and saying “A-ha, this is what it is all about.”  I immediately felt my energy change from worrying mostly about things revolving around me, to making her my first thought, my first priority. Life became clear and immensely more enjoyable (and I was having a good time already!!).


Mother of three, including twins, how different was your style during both pregnancies? 

Alas, my pregnancy style consisted mostly of NK iMode nightgowns from Intimacy’s. I spent the majority of all my pregnancies on bed rest. But my planned style, had I been allowed to be up and about, was these great 7 For All Mankind maternity jeans, and cute little bohemian loose tops….


Did you give in to any maternity brands?  

I’ve never seen any great maternity clothes, but I am all about the maternity jeans!


Did you have a specific beauty routine during pregnancy?

My skin and hair were so great during my pregnancies, but lying in bed made my routines pretty low maintenance.


How did you remain in shape during your pregnancy? 

In the early part of pregnancy, I did a lot of walking and prenatal yoga. I ate so carefully, and I considered each meal not just for myself, but for my little growing munchkin.


You own your own business, a clothing line, and also do a lot of charity work, how do you manage it all?  

One thing I’ve learned is to say no. I used to have a very hard time doing that. I was torturing myself, trying to help people with every committee and every project. I get asked to a hundred lunches and charity things and I want to be there but I can’t do everything. My family comes above everything else. That’s what makes me happy. I also feel really lucky that I started the business so many years before they were born. I worked so hard and I played so hard back then, and am grateful that I got to experience that part of life. Now my social life is on the back burner. My friends understand that and I see them when I can. I’m happiest when I close the door at night and we’re all home safe and hanging out. There’s nothing I love more than Friday nights when we have the next few days together just to relax with no major commitments.


What is your favorite thing to do together with your kids?

I just like having moments. There is no one particular thing I love to do. I try to do a little of everything with my family. What I find makes things the most pleasurable is when I have no phones and my daughter is device free too– the conversations are amazing and so much fun… After what felt like the longest winter ever, we plan to spend weekends in Central Park. I’ll bring a picnic, and some soccer balls, and my camera, and just let it happen. Those are my favorite days with my family.


What is your favorite and easiest travel destination with them?

I have not found one yet, traveling with twin toddlers is a nightmare!!! I plan on taking the whole gang to Fiji next year, I’ll let you know how that goes. But I’ve learned after a few trips, a two hour car ride is the max we can do right now without any major disasters!

 Photos by Ethan James Green




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