Masami And Her Daughter Doomoe

Masami you and your baby live in the beautiful Tulum. How do you protect your skin from the sun?

My skin is really tan, because I always did what I wanted to do which was to enjoy the beach. Since my baby was born, I’ve been so careful about protecting her skin, and so became conscious about mine as well. I don’t want her to think her mom doesn’t take care of herself 🙂

These days we stay under the shade almost all day, then we swim or walk along the beach after 3 or 4pm, or early in the morning. The sun is quite strong during the middle of the day, especially on the beach, so we avoid staying out during that time. I don’t like applying sun block so much, so I try and find things to do in the shade with my baby.

Are there any particular products that you find are essential for the beach?

Shiseido Sun Medic SPF 50+ Cream! I recommend it for all types of skin. It goes on quite lightly and doesn’t irritate your skin at all, for me at least. If I don’t have it, I use organic sun block.

How do you protect your baby’s skin?

She uses the same products as I do. I definitely have her put on a hat outside and wear some long sleeve shirts in Indian cotton.

What do you and your baby enjoy doing the most in Tulum?

Swimming and floating in the Caribbean waters 🙂 When there’s a full moon, the waves get so calm and it becomes almost like a lake! We can get into the sea without any problems. From May to October, you see turtles lay their eggs on the beach every night. We watch a lot of blue crabs walking across the street! We also like to find many beautiful shells, hermit shells, everyday.

As a mom, what are your favorite spots in Tulum?

There is a place called Punta Laguna in the middle of nowhere (it’s about 30 minutes from Tulum town). The lake has really clean, clear waters so you can swim with your baby without worrying. There is also a trekking course where you can see spiders and howler monkeys! It’s really the best place for a picnic.

And where do you like to go to de-stress?

Luckily my daily life is not so stressful. Mexicans love to help moms with babies and they like to make jokes. They enjoy carrying babies, if you ask them! But if had to recommend a place where you can de-stress, I would say rest on a hammock on the beach and do nothing, or float in the water!

Do you have any advice for moms going on a beach trip with their babies? What should they bring, and what should they not bring?

Very simple advice, just come to relax and enjoy. Listen to the sound of the waves and be one with nature. For your baby, you can get anything for them in Tulum except maybe for organic products. To be safe, it’s best to find babies’ sun block and sun hat before your trip.

Last but not least, what do you love most about Hotel Zulum?

The very lovely staff and the great food! (There’s Mexican, Japanese, and Italian!) The staff is very accommodating, they can even prepare food for babies with fresh fruits and vegetables. I love it.

Photographed by Ethan James Green


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