Rebekah Mccabe, Mother Of Miles, 4, 7 Months Pregnant

As the mother of 4 year old Miles, the Vice President of Chanel’s Public Relation, and now 7 months pregnant, how do you organize yourself? How do you find time for work, your family, and also find time to take care of yourself?

I try to have a set schedule– I don’t go out after work, I come home and spend as much time with Miles, and if I go out, I will try to go out later when he’s already asleep. I used to be able to sleep 9 hours a night, but not anymore. And I don’t have the same interest in getting ready– your priorities change! I also limit my business trips to 3 nights, try to take the latest outbound flight and earliest flight to come back home.


How do you manage to find time to relax a bit before baby number two arrives?

I get massages. I have this amazing woman who comes to my home with a pregnancy pillow and gives me the most relaxing massages. I also do yoga with my husband once a week in the evening. It’s almost like a date night (laughs). She takes it easy on me and pushes him a little bit. I also Iove taking a hot bath with natural oil. I know some people say you shouldn’t stay in the bath too long during pregnancy… I love to surround myself with candles and use salts and oils and sit in the bath.


Which one is your favorite oil?

I love the Tata Harper 100% natural body oil. And I also love the Sublimage cream by Chanel– a bit of a luxurious indulgence to use all over, but it’s a miracle cream, especially when your skin tends to get more dry during pregnancy. I am very sensitive to smells when pregnant, and cannot tolerate strong smells. The only fragrance I can wear is Sycomore by Chanel perfume. It’s the only one I can smell!


What about makeup?

The most important one to me is the Chanel Concealer pen. If you don’t have time to do your makeup, it’s the main one I recommend using.


You work with for the biggest fashion house, any tips for dressing while pregnant? I can see you are wearing super high heels!

They are platforms!


Yes, but still!

I don’t wear a lot of colors–mostly black navy, and grey… I like The Row dresses, they’re very comfortable. Unfortunately Chanel dresses don’t work when pregnant. Apart from the knit dresses that are very cute. But the beautiful beaded and embroidered ones are not really meant to be stretched! However, I love wearing a classic Chanel jacket with my J.brand Maternity Jeggings, and a tee shirt. They are so comfortable that I feel I will want to wear them even after! The hardest moment during pregnancy is the 2nd trimester when you don’t look pregnant enough and people can’t tell if you are pregnant or have put on some weight. So, it’s a hard moment and those jeggings have been amazing. Otherwise, I wear a lot of black dresses.

I also went to get bras at Destination Maternity and just got the black bras. Another great tip I got when I went there was to get those pregnancy night bras, which is very important. I can even wear them with cute pajama bottoms and it looks nice. I really recommend them!


Did you go on the traditional “baby moon” during the first pregnancy?

We went to Mexico. We went to this place near the Mayan Riviera. It was so nice. This time it’s a bit different– we are taking Miles away for spring break. We’re going to Santa Barbara to visit his grandparents.


That will be very close to your due date, so I guess it’s the last flight before baby comes! Do you take Miles on a lot of trips?

We do a trip in the summer to Paris, during couture. July is so great in Paris and we take him to the Jardin des Tuileries Fair, and he is obsessed with it. There are 50 rides for every age group. And we stay across the street at Le Meurice, which is super baby friendly by the way! Although I’m very excited for the Ritz to open again because it has a pool. I love those Paris trips!


Did you take him on trips very young?

I don’t think I did. I was so obsessed with his schedule and the sleep pattern that I didn’t want to throw it all away. Besides this Europe trip, I keep the other vacation to a maximum 3 or 4 hours flights.


And less time difference as well!

Yes. We did California a few times. Which is actually quite far. So, I prefer going to the Caribbean. It’s the same time zone and it’s a three hour flight. We went many times to Turks and Caicos. It’s just so easy.

We also go to The Bahamas. The Ocean Club is so easy for the kids because they have two pools, one where the kids can go. That’s the problem with some hotels with only one pool where you feel your kid has to stay quiet. So when there is a kids’ pool, it’s amazing. And there’s also a little kids’ camp. And it’s even better because its direct from NY. My husband and I have that one flight rule. We did a trip to Jamaica once, but I prefer The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. When Miles was one we spent the summer on the beach, it’s just so easy. They don’t go far at that age. The only downside is that they put sand in their mouthes!


And do you bring the nanny with you during your travels?

No, with one baby it’s really easy to take him on our own. Maybe with two it will be different! Especially for the first year they sleep so much, so you’re always inside when they are sleeping. I actually used to always nap during Miles’ naps.


Did you have a lot of help when Miles was born?

First, we had a baby nurse. But because we are both working, we try to keep the weekend just between the three of us– as a family and being lazy.


What would be your tips to get back in shape after your baby is born?

Sleeping during his naps, or going to SoulCycle! And I had a trainer. It was easier the first time around, but it will be harder to do it now that I am already a mother. I also have a lot of friends who did that cleanse that Gwynneth Paltrow did, which is for 21 intense days. But this one has food, so it’s not as intense as fasting. But you have to wait until you are done breastfeeding.


How long did you breastfeed for?

I did it for 4 months, then I had to go back to work and I’m not the kind of person who could go and pump in between meetings. I was not breastfed, and I’m fine. So, I think 4 months is already great. I loved doing it, but when I started work again I figured it was time to stop.


Did you keep a lot of Miles’ baby clothes? That’s one thing I cannot get rid of!

I kept  everything as I was sure I would have more boys. I have a whole storage unit with boxes all labeled with the age– 0 to 3, 3 to 6, etc… I am very OCD with boxes, baskets, labels… I also do the same with toys! I actually have an obsession with wooden toys. Blocks are supposedly the most essential toys you can give to your kid. Apparently that’s all they should play with!  Melissa and Doug make great wooden toys. There is also one Pinterest page by this friend of mine called Seedlings, which is only images of toys, game ideas etc…


Last question, what are you favorite clothing brands for kids and babies?

I am a sucker for Bonpoint, I can’t contain myself! And I love those Marie-Chantal wing pajamas– I bought so many of those. Maybe not the most practical, but so cute! Now that he is older, I mix a lot of Bonpoint with Crew Cuts,which is J Crew for babies! I dress him a lot in grey and navy and brown, although I am scared now because I heard girls develop their own taste much quicker! So I don’t know what I will do then! I will probably have to deal with a lot of pink! Everything I ordered for her nursery is grey. I ordered Marthe Armitage wallpaper from Hamilton Weston, it’s just the cutest wallpaper.

Thank you Rebekah!

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