Pernille Teisbaek Stylist, Co-founder & Creative Director at Social Zoo Direct. Mother of Billy 1 year old. Copenhagen, Denmark

What has been your favorite part of your pregnancy? Any favorite moment you cherish? 

I was very fortunate to have a very problem-free pregnancy, but with that said I was actually very relieved and happy when I finally delivered.

What was the hardest part of pregnancy?

I think it limited me socially as I was very tired at night and went to bed early. In addition to this, it also limited my work because from an early stage in the pregnancy, I wasn’t able to fit into any clothes. With that said, my pregnancy also turned out to be a good time for me to focus more on our company, Social Zoo.

From your photos, you managed to stay in shape through your whole term. What kind of work out routine did you have? Are there any specific work out places and spas in Copenhagen that you would recommend?

I had an exercise bike at home and I did a workout every morning for 20-30 minutes. I also did a lot of alternative treatments to boost the uterus with acupuncture and reflexology. Halfway into my pregnancy, I started to have pregnancy massages every other week which really helped relaxing me and calming me down.

What about your beauty routine, what has been your favorite products to use while you were pregnant?

I only used organic products from Rudolph Care to make sure that I wasn’t using harmful chemicals while pregnant.

What action were some of your favorite destination to relax while pregnant?

For Spa: Amazing Space, underneath Hotel d’Angleterre. A great space for recharging.
For Massage: Naturlig Smuk (translates to ’Naturally Beautiful’) they have the best pregnant massage in town.

What was your pregnant style like? Did you give up into any of the maternity brands or did you manage to work around the bump with your own pieces. Are there any Danish maternity brands you liked?

I only bought one single piece of pregnancy wear, which was a pair of Mango jeans that I faithfully wore the whole period combined with tons of my husband’s t-shirts and shirts. I thought it was important to still feel feminine, so I kept wearing heels until the very end.

What has been your favorite pregnant outfit?

I wore a lot of t-shirts with jeans and boots, topped with a blazer.


What do you love the most about Motherhood.

You thought you knew what love was, but it doesn’t compare to the eternal love you have for your child. For me, it was an absolute blessing to have the opportunity to experience motherhood, and I am forever grateful to do this with my husband who is the greatest dad.

What are your favorite things to do or share with your son?

Just being around him gives me energy and makes me so happy. He’s only 10 months now, so just giving him my love and attention is all he’s capable of still at this point.

What have you found the most difficult to adjust to?

The lack of sleep has been hard but so rewarding when they finally start to sleep through the night, then you really appreciate the hours you can get.

How do you balance your new role as a mother, with running your own business and all the travel?

It’s a really difficult balance but I try hard to be both places without feeling guilty about it. I travel less now than I did before and I try to bring my son with me as much as I can. But I’m fortunate to have a great family and husband that can be there when I’m away.

Do you have any travel tips with a baby that you would like to share?

I always travel with someone to help with all the luggage. There is so much luggage when you travel with a baby, I think he has more luggage than I do. I also like to bring someone when I travel so that I can put my full attention towards Billy. I want him to feel that it’s fun to travel.

Can you describe a day in your life? 

When I’m not traveling my days would be a lot like this: At 6 AM, Billy wakes up and I wake up with him. We have breakfast at 7 AM, I usually work from 8 AM-3PM, come back home to play with him, have dinner at 6 PM and then I go to bed with Billy at 7 PM.

How did you manage to bounce back?

I went slowly back to work after a while so that everyone around me and myself would be able to adjust to the new routines with working and having a child.

You are known for your style but also for your great sense of design and interior decoration. What are some of your favorite baby furniture brands?

I really like Kongens Sløjd.

What are some of your favorite children’s wear brands?

Bon Point, Petit Bateau, and H&M Organic. I also  love Hector+Havana – they do a nice cashmere suit for babies. And baby shoes from Angulus!


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