Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

About six months ago, I started working out at Willspace. It was the first time I ever tried boxing and I immediately got addicted. Not only did I see my body change radically, but I find it to be one of the best therapy too!

I am not a big yoga person (I get bored!), and like more active workouts,  so boxing is for me a great way to relax and unwind while strengthening my body. I always walk out of the class feeling energized and with a smile!

Therefore, I decided to do this video, not as a tutorial (I have still got a LOT to learn and a lot of practice to do!) but to demonstrate how you can get quickly get back in shape post baby while having a lot of fun! Stay tune for our second video next week!

Thank you Jenn Lopez (my trainer) for everything you have taught me!


 Filming and Video editing by David Sabshon

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