The truth is, with becoming a mom came, being able to re-watch all my favorite Walt Disney Classics without any guilts! Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, the Jungle Book, without escaping Frozen of course!

No need to say its the same when it came to find a good reason to go to Disneyland! I have so many childhood memories there! And now, I have the perfect partner in crime to experience it all again with!

When I found out that Disneyland Paris invited Romy and I to spend the day there, it was hard to say who was the most excited.


A few weeks ago, at the end of July, between two other trips, Romy and I were finally on our way to “The Magic Kingdom”. We met our private guide early in the morning. A kid at heart,  as excited as us to spend the day in the park despite working there for over a decade! The enthusiasm for the day was shared!

He insisted on taking us first to the other park, the Walt Disney Studio Park. I was a bit skeptical about it as I was afraid to not have enough time to do all the rides we wanted to do but I am glad I listened to him! There we experienced the amazing show Mickey and the Magician, which was amazing for one main reason, the performers were talking in both French and English at the same time. It was a sort of Medley of all of the Disney themed Musical and Movies, From the Lion King to Cinderella and Frozen, all directed in the most magical way. The show lasted about a little over 40 minutes, and we all walked out mesmerized . It was the perfect “starter” to set the mood. Next, we went to check out the Ratatouille Ride which is a sort of 3D ride, putting us in the place of a little rat in the middle of the kitchen. Two more little rides later we finally walk out and decide to go to Disneyland.

We walk in, the heat is on and the sun is shining. I almost feel like in California and forget that I am just 30 minutes from Paris. The magic is kicking in!

First stop, we rush to the Chaumiere des Sept Nains store, to buy a Princess Dress. Then we stayed a while at “FantasyLand” which is the perfect park for little girls of Romy’s age… and for their mommies too 🙂

There we did Peter Pan’s FlightIts a Small World, the Mad Hatter’s TeacupsAlice’ Curious LabyrinthCasey Jr The Little Circus Train. Before leaving Fantasyland, we got the chance to have a private encounter with Mickey Mouse himself, which was a truly special moment for Romy, she just didn’t want to let go of him! We were also extremely lucky to get to meet Snow White at the Princess Pavillon. As much as we love Princesses, Romy has also a love for more thrilling and “Scary” adventures. She is somewhat obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland followed by the Haunted House in Frontierland. On our way there we made a quick stop through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle to give a visit to the Dragon. We managed to do all of our favorite rides and quickly grab a hot dog (no time for lunch!) to find the perfect spot to watch the Parades where Romy got to see all her favorite Characters!

And just like that, it was already 6pm and time for us to go home. Always hard to leave, but we left with so many new memories and magic in our eyes, already thinking about our next visit.

Thank you again Disneyland Paris for having us and treating us like princesses!!!



Mara Hoffman, Designer, and mother to Joaquin, 4 years old, NYC




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