Smell Like A Baby

Entering a Bonpoint store is a treat to the senses. Between the beautiful clothes and fantastic smell, it’s no wonder I can spend hours in there!
The fragrance (which was created in 1986) by Annick Goutal elicits the memories of the odd shopping trip with my mother when I was a young girl in Paris. Now, the smell has an even bigger meaning to me as it is the fragrance I have worn since Romy’s birth! In turn, this has made this gorgeous scent a symbol of both nostalgia and reassurance in my life.

Now, in addition to the perfume, Bonpoint have produced a beautiful skin care line made of all natural ingredients. The mixture is composed of orange blossom, cotton flower, and cherry blossom, and is all natural and therefore perfect for those who are breast feeding!

With the production of this fantastic line I now smell as good as my baby and can carry a piece of her with me wherever I go!

Illustrations by Kate Schelter




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