Back in Shape with Cindy

Getting back into shape post-pregnancy can be a daunting thought for even the most disciplined among us–not only has your body just accomplished an insane and magical feat, but you have a new little human to take care of and are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. Which is why sometimes you need a comforting voice telling you it’s okay to take a few minutes for yourself. Sometimes that voice is you partner, your own mom, or, in this case, Cindy Crawford.

Our favorite ‘90s supermodel released three workout videos from 1992 to 2000–I know this because my own mom worked out to all of them and, much like Cindy, is still a babe—but it’s Cindy’s final and greatest offering, A New Dimension, that we want to share here.

Filmed three months after giving birth to her son, A New Dimension is exactly the kind of low-key and reassuring routine that’s ideal for easing back into exercise. It’s separated into three different portions (two easier 10 minute workouts and a more challenging 30 minute one), and the plans are designed specifically for new moms looking to not only fit back into their jeans, like Cindy says, but are also about taking time for yourself–helping you feel energized and ready to face the day. And with settings like a sunny California beach and Cindy’s own home, not to mention an inexplicably hypnotic and relaxing soundtrack, it’s no wonder we still love putting on A New Dimension and spending the start of our day with Cindy.

Workout A starts four minutes in to the video, after the must-watch introduction, and you can watch A New Dimension in full here.

Written by Sara Dimmitt 

Cover photo by Patrick Demarchelier, 1990



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