Flashback Of The Week

My goal for  Romy and the Bunnies is to be a source of inspiration for all mothers and future mommies. While many mommy blogs make it seem that the moment you find out you are expecting a baby, style, fashion and sensuality disappear, I am a strong proponent of the opposite.

For today’s Flashback of the Week, I wanted to share this video created for my Kiki de Montparnasse Collection. At that time I was 10 weeks pregnant and hadn’t told anyone yet. It was quite difficult to hide it! I had a lot of covering up to do since my boobs were 3 sizes bigger and my cravings were endless. Not only that but I had to fib about being on a 10 week detox!

Despite all the fuss I found it so much fun to be sensual and was way more confident with my femininity than any other time in my life. This was the start of a new chapter for me where I became more in tune with my body and life!


Ballet Beautiful Post Baby Work Out

New Years Resolution, Get Back In Shape! This Week‰ÛªS Workout: Abs!

Glow Food with Latham Thomas



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