Brittany Peltz Buerstedde is an entrepreneurial mom of two girls and founder of childrenswear company, Leah + Rae.

My Mornings…

I typically snooze the first two times and wake up on the third alarm, unless the girls have crawled in bed and woken me up already. Mornings are rushed trying to get the girls fed , dressed and out the door but our mornings always start together which is most important to me. Rushed or not we make it out the door as a family and we all ride together to take Eva to school. I try my best not to check emails or messages until after drop off so I can really focus on the girls. Although they can’t express this quite yet I can tell how important this morning routine is to them- I feel its gives them the love and confidence to start their day on the right foot.

My Days…

What items do you carry with you at all times as you go about your day?

  1. Water+ Snacks – I have a bizarre fear of being hungry; maybe because I am the definition of ‘hangry.’
  2. I carry a pendant that my mother gave me when I was pregnant with Eva- It’s the miraculous medal which was blessed in France. I carry one with me at all times and also had one made for the girls.
  3. Crystals- I have a few in my purse and the girls often slip in a few more.
  4. Notebook- I can’t remember anything lately with pregnancy brain and its been really therapeutic to actually write things down, pen and paper vs. constantly looking at a bright iPhone or computer screen.

How do you carve out time for yourself? What are your favorite self-indulgences?

Lately there is little time for myself and this is something I am really working on especially with my doula, Lori Bregman. She wisely said that as a mother “ you are the light of the house and when your light is dim, everyone feels it”. With two toddlers and one on the way, the little things really make a huge difference in my day- ending my day with a face mask (Tatcha Dewy Skin Mask + Chantecaille Gold Recovery Mask) and now a belly mask is like a huge breathe of fresh air- and it always feels right when you’re taking care of yourself.

Do you mostly work in an office? or work from home? What do the kids do while you are at work?

My office is in Soho and I get there as often as possible but I definitely find myself working from home a lot more lately. My work days at the office are definitely more productive but I crave being close to the girls. Eva is in school but Lila is home most days and I think I am cherishing this time while I can.

When I am at the office or in meetings the girls are very busy with their schedule – sometimes I feel they are busier than I am; I guess thats part of being a New York City kid. They are either in school, ballet or gymnastics or enjoying a playdate with friends. I also plan all meetings around them whenever possible to optimize our time together.

How has your daily routine changed since having kids? Since starting your brand as a mom of two?

Before having kids, your day is about you and now my days are about anything but me. I know all Momma’s can relate to this. Routine and structured routine definitely didn’t play as large a role in my life until my girls were born and I saw how important it was for them to have consistency and know whats coming next. I definitely started out motherhood hugely regimented, maybe even slightly to a flaw; but I feel I’ve been able to balance being strict with daily routines and letting go a bit when it comes to special occasions and moments I know will turn into cherished memories for them.

Do you experience mommy guilt? How do you manage balancing work and family time?

Absolutely, I’ve convinced myself and my friends that its a sign of being a great Momma. Days are busy and being pulled between my role as mother, wife, career woman, sister and friend can definitely be a lot at times. I couldn’t be more grateful for my amazing Mom friends in moments like these who are totally real and open with their similar struggles. When you can share and relate, your problems seem to shrink just a little bit and seem much easier to handle.

As they say- ‘it takes a village’— so chose well!

How does being a mom inspire your designs? Do your kids ever help you with work in any way?

My children inspire everything I do especially when it comes to design. If I can’t see my girls getting exited about the look and playing freely in it – it won’t get passed the drawing board. Eva, who is 4 now absolutely loves coming to chose fabrics with me and will point out aspects from nature or art that she would like to incorporate into Leah + Rae.

Its also super helpful to incorporate the girls as fit models and make sure it passes their ‘childlike’ standard of comfort. I want children to feel comfortable and excited about the designs and bring their unique personalities to each look, instead of having the look or print over power them. Natural beauty has been a guiding principle from the start and something I always want to celebrate.

My Evenings…

Winding down is definitely a work in progress for me, I often spend nights working late which I am trying to get better at especially with our third baby on the way. On the nights I do attempt to properly wind down, I turn to calming herbal teas and a good book and cuddle sesh with hubby. Theres nothing better than my baby’s head massages.

I wish I was a good cook, but the few occasions I do meal prep it takes me the entire day.  I’m definitely a perfectionist so everything has to be just right, even the presentation.

I definitely can handle breakfast and quesadilla’s which luckily are some of the girls favorites.

Besides my sleepytime tea which helps me get comfy, cozy- I can’t go to sleep without washing my face. No matter how tired I am, I need my skin to feel fresh and clean and often finish up with a nice smelling oil or face spray.







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