Stretch Marks Attack

One of our biggest fear during pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks. Wether you want it or not, and no matter how much weight you put on, or don’t put on, your body and your skin goes through a trauma and some body parts are going to stretch wether you want it or not! I gained 18 kilos (almost 40 lbs!!!) during my pregnancy, and at the end of my term, I couldn’t find any bras that would fit me!

Despite using religiously anti stretch marks preventions crème and oil, I got a few stretch marks. Nothing major and I am probably the only one able to notice them, yet, being extremely coquetish, they bother me. I have used a few products that have done wonders for my skin elasticity and “re” tightened everything such as Dermarepair from Natura Bisse or Mama Mio “Skin Tight”, however, they do not “erase” stretch marks.

On a recent trips to Paris, while having a facial, I mentioned the issue to my facialist, who basically explained to me that stretch marks are after all, scars, and should be treated as them. She recommended to avoid any pricey products and to go straight to use Juncto Cica (Cicatrice meaning Scar in French). Jonctum Cica Repairing Cream 30ml was specially formulated to repair the irritated skins. Its efficacy is based on functional ingredients, as the Oxaceptil 10% with soothing and repairing properties to the skin. This care facilitates the restoration of the cutaneous barrier, through its highly repairing capacities. Jonctum Cica cost about 5.50 Euros and available online or in most french pharmacies is definitely worth the try!



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