Shigeta Baby Touch

The Shigeta Baby Touch Oil is one of three products from a baby cosmetic line created by massage therapist, Chico Shigeta. I first met Chico in Paris, after a friend of mine recommended that I try her massages. Chico is definitely one of the best therapists I’ve ever had – always sharing wise health and beauty tips. So when I found out she started her own baby line, I had to try it out!

Shigeta Baby Touch is a mix of vegetable oils (apricot and jojoba) and essential oils (fine lavander, roman chamomile, and mandarin).  Its smells absolutely amazing and is extremely relaxing both for mommy and baby. It also softens baby’s delicate skin.

Chico’s tips? “To turn the bath into a moment of deep relaxation, bathe baby in Chamomile Floral Water. When baby sleeps soundly, so does mommy! To promote calm and rest, place the Sleeping Baby diffuser in baby’s room.”


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