Let’S Spice Things Up

Post pregnancy, most of us women are determined to regain not only our shape, but also our sensuality. To help with the latter, designer Nabila Boutrif (thankfully) created a skincare line, Harem des Sens, which promises pure bliss and sheer delight upon each application. I personally love the Exquisite Exfoliating Cream, It has a wonderful oriental smell and a light, soft texture that’s just right for my skin. I also like the Fabulous Silk Milk lotion which is great for use as an everyday moisturizer.

So for those of you looking to make things a little bit more interesting, maybe for your partner, or maybe even just for yourself, hear me out: Give Nabila’s elixirs a go. A touch of spice never hurts 😉

For more information, visit www.haremdessens.com


Home-made Milk-made

Restore Sleep

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