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You know that feeling you get when someone comes up with an idea so perceptive and wonderful you’re surprised to realize it is, in fact, exactly what was missing from your life? It can hit you on a humid Friday evening when your profoundly wise friend suggests margaritas, or on a certain December morning when you wake up to discover that Beyoncé released a new album overnight. That’s how finding out about CAP Beauty made me feel, with Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima acting both as wise friends and, yes, Beyoncé.

Their new store, CAP Beauty, is a celebration of all things natural beauty and wellness– “Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty.” is the venture’s tagline. Because of their inspiring taste — Kerrilynn founded Castor & Pollux, the Soho clothing store with a reputation for discovering cool brands before they became cool, and Cindy is a photo stylist who’s contributed to Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, and the much-loved Domino—we are so happy they agreed to talk to us about how they’re changing up the natural beauty store landscape.

DiPrima and Pamer have been friends for twenty years– sharing business advice, recipes, and beauty finds. But the idea for CAP Beauty was born when Kerrilynn began selling a few of her favorite natural beauty lines at Castor & Pollux and saw how well received they were. Customer interest grew and the two friends realized that, as Kerrilynn says, “There was no place to go where you could just totally indulge in these products, not worry about what they’re sitting next to, know that someone’s already vetted them, and know that they’re going to work.” Opening a store became important to DiPrima and Pamer because “Shopping for natural beauty has been pigeon-holed as a less than sexy experience,” says Cindy, “And it needs to feel more inspired, more modern, and, frankly, a little sexier.”

CAP Beauty is primed to become a magnet for customers looking for natural beauty stars (and Romy and The Bunnies favorites) like Rahua, RMS Beauty, and Tata Harper, as well as a champion for newer names like In Fiore and Dr. Jackson.  The store also features a specific ‘Mamas + Babies’ product guide with brands like Honey Girl and Zoe Organics, and– in addition to traditional spa services like massages, acupuncture, and facials– will have a selection of services focusing on pre and postnatal care. DiPrima explains, “It’s a celebration of people looking and feeling as good as they possibly can, and knowing that the products you’re using are healthy and effective.”

We love CAP Beauty’s attitude towards beauty– everyday wellness combined with a bit of inspired indulgence– especially when so many busy moms are trying to balance their family’s wellness with their own. We also love Pamer and DiPrima’s refreshing candor about the realities of that balance, because sometimes, like DiPrima says, you’re using that organic face mist to clean chocolate croissant crumbs off of your son’s face.

CAP Beauty opens its doors this September in New York’s West Village, but their gorgeous online store is already up and running, and Kerrilynn and Cindy shared a few of their favorite Mama and Baby products picks us to help you start exploring!

MAMA — Nourishing Body Oil by Soveral

MAMA — Infinite Love by Lotus Wei

 BABY —Calming Hydrating Mist by Mini Organics
 BABY — Baby Jiva Body Oil by Jiva Apoha (not to be used on infants under six months)


 Photo by John von Pamer , courtesy CAP Beauty



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