Summer Fit With Will Torres

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How many of us are guilty of summer food indulgence? I sure am! Thankfully, all is not lost with Will Torres helping me get back in shape. Will, one of the most sought after personal trainers in town, is the brilliant mind behind Willspace Training Studio. Since 2005, Willspace has been home to innumerable clients looking to transform their bodies, and certainly succeeding in doing so. With its strong team of trainers, Willspace offers individualized training sessions that allow clients to reach their maximum potential. Will has, and continues to play a significant role in my keeping fit. Every training session, I am reminded of exactly why every body needs will.

For more about Willspace, exercise tips, and nutrition guidance, tune in to part two of our training session next week!

Filmed and edited by David Sabshon


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Summer Fit With Will Torres

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