Discover Benshen, Inner Beauty for our outer Radiance

Discover Benshen, a new all natural beauty remedy created by one of Romy and the Bunnies Health Contributors, Desiree Pais.


Benshen came to life after years of crafting natural beauty remedies like a wild scientist in my tiny kitchen. I became obsessed with making my own products and knowing exactly what was going inside them, which eventually would be inside of my body, as the skin absorbs everything it comes in contact with. I was on a mission to heal cystic acne, face scars, and also heal my spirit that became shattered by the depression and self-consciousness that arose out of the battle with acne. I was intrigued by the power of plant medicine, essential oils, and herbs that are far more powerful than commercially derived products, which strip away the vital nutrients during production. Living antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals all destroyed and then later, their chemical counterparts are added into products to try to mimic the benefits the natural world already provides. And, I had learned along the way, that beauty comes from within and radiates out, not the other way around. It’s that radiance, or happiness if you will, that shines from your pores and ignites the twinkle in your eyes.

The way we treat ourselves, talk to ourselves, feed and nourish our bodies, physically and emotionally, all shows up on our faces in many different ways. I learned that the cause of my acne, which medically was diagnosed as hormonal imbalance, was also the result of years of self-hate, anxiety, depression, suppressed anger, all of which throw the hormones out of balance and disrupt the endocrine system. It all manifested as the bags under my eyes, the chronic acne, the lifeless complexion. I looked the way I felt and I felt the way I looked.

A year ago, I made the commitment to work on myself, on my mind, on my happiness. I began meditating daily, started practicing the beautiful and powerful Kundalini Yoga, and also began to develop a better relationship to myself, one that included love, kindness, and acceptance. I began nourishing my body and skin rather than punishing it. And so, Benshen was born out of a desire to treat my body with the utmost respect, using the finest ingredients the natural world has to offer and creating beauty rituals around them. The more I started to use the oils, the hydrosols, the rose salts, and the herbal elixirs, the more beautiful I felt because, for the first time in my life, I was genuinely taking care of my body. The more beautiful I felt, the more radiance began to shine out from within.

The natural and organic ingredients from the Earth used in Benshen connect us to the natural radiant beauty that lives within each and every one of us. Our job is to learn how to activate it, live in it, and shine like the beauties we truly are.


Written by Desiree Pais, Founder of Benshen

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Discover Benshen, Inner Beauty for our outer Radiance

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