As a mom, I am quite particular when it comes to hair and skincare products for my baby. One of my recent discoveries is the Beginning by Maclaren line, which includes an array of softening shampoos, moisturizing conditioners, bath elixirs, and body lotions. What I love about Beginning is that all their products are gentle for the baby’s skin. The hair products are so fragrant and mild enough for daily use – not only for baby, but for mommy as well. The Replenishing Body Lotion, which is a blend of chamomile, avocado, almond, coco, and shea butters, is extremely moisturizing and gets rid of dryness almost immediately. What’s more, Beginning’s body lotion is 83% organic which means it’s great even for the most sensitive skin. It certainly did wonders for mine!

Maclaren Products for Mom and Baby are available here.



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