Legs for days, no matter what

Romy was born in May 2012, so this time of the year always reminds me how heavy I was feeling! Especially my legs, and feet. However, I refused to give up on short dresses and skirts. Therefore, I wanted to share a few of my favorite products to create the illusion of  light, smooth and glory legs no matter how how far in your term you are!


Light as a feather:

  1. Legology Air-Lite, Daily Lift for legs, $85.  Legology’s cream battles against cellulite and swelling by helping to break down trapped fluid into free fatty acids, which are then transported in the bloodstream to where they are most needed. This pioneering formula contains Caffeine to boost your circulation and Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract to reduce puffiness. It continues to benefit legs long after application, leaving them visibly smoother and firmer.
  2. Ila, Body Scrub for Energizing and Detoxifying $70. Designed to improve circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, Ila’s Body Scrub will combat sluggishness, uplift your spirits and slough away dead skin, toxins and cellulite. The fine-grain scrub is formulated with mineral-rich Himalayan Salt Crystals, nourishing Wild Grown Argan Oil and detoxifying Juniper Berry. Divinely scented, thanks to Rose Geranium and Wild Poppy Essence, it’s the perfect counterpoint to a long and stressful day
  3. Miu Skincare, Lucky Legs, $21. During pregnancy, expectant mothers have a third more blood in their circulation system. When the extra pressure takes its toll, Mama Mio’s gel will cool and revive tired pins. This lightweight formula is blended with soothing Menthol and Spearmint as well as healing Ginger Root to instantly relieve tight and puffy ankles and feet.

The Glow:

  1. Charlotte Tilbury, Supermodel Body, $65. Used on the runway and red carpet, Charlotte Tilbury’s shimmering paraben-free body lotion “acts like shapewear lingerie for the skin.” This firming and illuminating formula gives limbs a radiant glow, making them appear leaner and longer. Best of all, it’s quick and easy to apply.
  2. This Works, Perfect Legs Skin Miracle $68. Cheat perfect post-holiday legs with This Works’ serum. Vitamins C and E even out skin tone and imperfections, while Arnica helps to fade bruising. What’s more, the bronze tint will give your legs a subtle sun-kissed glow.
  3. Caudalie, Divine Legs $38.  Caudalie’s tinted lotion will give you a natural flush of color while nourishing your skin with hydrating Vitamin E and Omega 6.

Smooth Operators:

  1. Kora Organics Exfoliating Cream, $70. Formulated with tiny Oat Flour and Bamboo granules, KORA Organics’ purifying exfoliating cream gently buffs away dead cells to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. Essential Oils nourish and cleanse, leaving your face and body looking and feeling revitalized.
  2. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Firm and Revitalize Dry Oil $70.  Instantly absorbed into the skin, this nourishing oil blends Neroli, Lavender, Rose and Mandarin Essential Oils with antioxidant-rich Botanicals. Parched skin is left revitalized and hydrated, while the delicate scent soothes the senses.


  1. Mio Skincare, Shrink to fit Cellulite Smoother $56. Mio Skincare’s Shrink To Fit cream promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite within 30 days, leaving your skin smoother and firmer. It contains circulation-boosting Coffee Arabica Seed Oil, mineral-rich Laminaria Digitata Seaweed to improve elasticity and Horsetail Plant Extract to promote collagen production. The formula is deliberately highly concentrated – though you only need a little for each application, you need to rub it in thoroughly to get the full benefit.









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