If you live in the US, chances are you haven’t heard of MV Organic Skincare. Which is a shame, because this Australian brand is making some seriously high-quality products and has the cult following to prove it. (Elisa Sednaoui is a fan!) We tried out a few of the offerings from their sensitive skin line– the Gentle Cream Cleanser, the Rose Mist, and the Rose Moisturizer— and they were all lovely, but what we really fell for was the Rose Plus Booster. The first ingredient is Camellia Oil, which is lightweight, fast absorbing, and chock full of anti-oxidants as well as softening and nourishing omega fatty acids. Combined with other lightweight and anti-inflammatory oils like Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Geranium Oil, the booster’s calming properties make it perfect for hormonal and sensitive skin (aka pregnancy and new-mommy skin). Even during New York’s hot and humid summer weeks it kept us looking healthy and glowy, rather than bedraggled and shiny. And it also smells amazing, so add a few drops to your moisturizer (or use it on its own) and start your morning smelling like an Aussie rose garden.


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