One Stop Shop: Mexico City

One of the hardest things about traveling with a toddler is food. Not only is Oscar–now 18 months old–getting particular about what he eats, but healthy options can be hard to find and even harder to tempt him with. We recently visited Mexico City, which is a gourmet foodie heaven, as well as a location of one of Baby Deli’s outposts. I had never heard of Baby Deli until my new ‘DF’ (local speak for ‘Mexico City’, short for Districto Federal) mummy friend Gizelle introduced it to me. Baby Deli was set up by a mum collective and boasts a number of international locations in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami and, of course, Mexico City. Their excellent website will provide you with all the info about their history. My favorite part is the ethos the partners pursue, which is perfectly summed up in their slogan: “Good for your children, good for the world.”
We met in their sun-filled organic restaurant in Polanco, a smart and leafy residential neighborhood. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the buggy park in the front and the cute building block logo. Baby Deli’s menu was so enticing, of course we both over ordered 🙂 The fresh juices and wholesome soups and salads were creative and– more importantly–delicious. The outdoor area is also packed with great toys. Oscar’s favorite was a candy-pink playhouse complete with a bunk and kitchen. There is an adjoining nursery too, however we didn’t have the time to check out if they offered drop in day care or if you needed to register first. Sorry!
The adjoining shop is large and creatively sourced and is perfect for stocking up on all sorts of organic products, interactive and educational toys, as well as some goodies for mums too. I was so pleased to see one of our My Well Traveled Friend featured favorite products— Belgian brand Lillyputiens. Amongst many others cosmetic brands were Weleda, Burt’s Bees, Seventh Generation, Aleva Naturals, and more. The toys here are so inspiring and we came across lots of fun new brands, notably Plan Toys, along with all-time favorites Green Toys and Melissa & Doug.
The shop also hosts events and the Baby Deli Facebook page  is probably best for an updated calendar of what’s coming up–including craft days and even flamenco classes. Although it’s small, we really felt Baby Deli had a lot to offer and was the perfect “One Stop Shop” in this beautiful and vibrant city.
If you want to know more about Mexico City and what great things are on offer for you and your kids, check out our most recent round up here.
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