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Talk about a mom who does it all–you have a serious career, jewelry, shoes, handbags, two adorable kids–what is your secret to juggling? Are you a serious scheduler, or do you just roll with the punches? 

I am a serious planner, but I’m also a realist. I don’t beat myself up when life gets in the way of my scheduling.  There are times I have to unexpectedly stay late at the office to get a deal done or days I have to cancel meetings because one of my kids gets sick. Life happens and you have to be able to roll with what comes your way.

What’s the key to being chic while chasing after two munchkins? Any particular pieces you wear over and over again to be comfy and look good?

I wear shoes from my own collection every day. They look great and I can actually run around in them. I am typically all over the city on any given day and chasing my 2-year old around at night, so it’s important that my shoes are stylish, but with a level of comfort that allows me to fulfill my various roles.

How would you describe your personal style? Has motherhood changed it at all?

My style is classic with a modern twist. I like to wear pieces that are polished and chic, but I have to find looks that will transition seamlessly throughout the day among my roles as an executive, mother and a wife.  While motherhood hasn’t changed my style, I often find myself being accessorized by Arabella these days – if you see me wearing a hot pink bow in my hair, that’s the work of my little fashionista!

How would you describe your kids’ style? Do you dress Arabella like you dress yourself? Do you dress Joseph like Jared?

Arabella has already developed her own sense of style, and it’s what I call “all things pink and princess.” I recently launched a line of children’s footwear and that is as close as we come to matching outfits! She loves playing dress-up with my jewelry and letting me “borrow” her favorite things. If you see me with a pink bow in my hair you can credit Arabella.  Joseph is still in onesies, so he isn’t dressing like Jared just yet!

What are some of your favorite labels for both yourself and your kids?

Like most women, I like to mix highs and lows. For designer, I love Oscar. He knows how to dress a woman. Carolina Herrera and Isabel Marant are also favorites. J. Mendel for black tie and on the accessible front, I love Zara, and of course my own line.

Any rules for dressing kids? Anything you’d never dress them in? Anything that’s an absolute must?

At their ages, as long as my kids are comfortable and happy I don’t worry about it too much.

Your own mom is so insanely stylish…what’s the best fashion advice she ever gave you? Do you think your love of fashion is partly due to her? Will you pass the same passion onto your daughter?

My mother was definitely a role model for me growing up. I can remember sitting on her dressing room floor before she went out. I was always playing with her jewelry and shoes and she was made up to the nines. Blue eye shadow and all!  She was the fashion archetype of working women in the 80s: the power suit, the shoulder pads. Most young working women dress differently today and who knows what women will be wearing 20 years from now when Arabella joins the workforce. My hope for her, whether she develops a love for fashion or not, is that she is confident, strong and carries herself with grace.

Has pregnancy and motherhood change your beauty routine? Are you more aware of the products you put on your skin? And being a busy mom of two with a career, do you have any time saving beauty tips?

My beauty routine has always been very minimal – I don’t even own a blow-dryer!  During my pregnancy I drank a lot of water with lemon and that help my skin feel fresh and hydrated

You got pregnant twice almost back to back, how did you manage to stay in shape through it all?

I started thinking about the nutritional value of food, as opposed to simply induging my whims and carvings as I did for years before, during my first pregnancy and tried to maintain that thinking between pregnancies and when I was carrying Joseph.  I may eat more now, but in a healthier way.

Do you have time to work out?

I’ve never enjoyed going to the gym- I get bored easily in that environment so I like to incorporate exercise organically through outdoor activities like skiing, golf and tennis or by taking classes such as yoga or spinning class.  And of course, running after my daughter is great exercise!

How do you manage your work schedule with your mommy schedule?

I focus on knowing my priorities and keeping them aligned with my goals and values as a wife, mother and working woman. Balance is fine, but it’s very difficult to maintain so I try not to put too much emphasis on it.

Born and raised in NY, you are one of the few people actually from the city. What were your favorite things to do growing up and do you share the same with your children?

Definitely. The city has so many great activities for families. I was fortunate to experience growing up here and I’m happy to share it with my children. We try to take advantage as much as possible whether we’re visiting the latest exhibit at the Guggenheim, the carousel in Central Park, exploring a new neighborhood or enjoying the our own.

What are your favorite baby brands?

Zara Kids for clothing (and Ivanka Trump kids footwear!)
The Honest Company products
Skip Hop Diaper Bag
Bugaboo & Baby Jogger Stroller
Swaddle by Summer Infant

What would be a perfect day with your children?

We love to explore the city, plan activities and create experiences. This past winter I had to leave on a business trip, which is never easy, so the night before we built a tent (a sheet on a rolling rack!) right in the middle of our living room and had a campout complete with Pizza and S’mores.

Any travel tips?

Pack great accessories. I pick smart, transitional pieces and plenty of shoes and jewelry so each look is different. It’s the best way to maximize space and limit stress on the road.


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