Prenatal Pilates

Throughout one’s pregnancy, there are many various ways to stay in shape – be it yoga, swimming, or even brisk walking. In this four-part video series, Romy and The Bunnies contributor and soon to be mom Kate Schelter shares her personal favorite: Prenatal Pilates! To stay at her fittest, Kate put her trust in the hands of only the best: Susan Moran.

Susan is the co-founder of Power Pilates, and brings a varied background of professional dance, massage therapy and Pilates training to her work. She received her Pilates certification in 1988 from Romana Kryzanowska, herself a student of the renowned Joseph Pilates! Susan has taught internationally as well, setting up Pilates programs at some of the best spas and studios around the world.

Stay tuned for another episode next week! And be sure to stop by the Power Pilates studio in Midtown East, or why not try a private session with Susan herself? It’s something special your body (and baby!) will surely be thankful for!

Video editing by David Sabshon


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