Prenatal Pilates

For the second part of our Prenatal Pilates series, Susan Moran and Kate Schelter demonstrate the pelvic tilt and spine extender using the tower push-through bar. During pregnancy, this exercise is great to do to open up the upper back, as well as the lower back which tends to get very tight.

Kate shares, “A devout Pilates student for about 7 years, I began prenatal Pilates with Susan Moran when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. I had felt so sick before that point and was so relieved to be able to exercise (after 3 months of none, that I did Pilates about 3-4 times a week through the 6th month. Instead of exercising to stay fit, although that is definitely important during pregnancy, what brought me back day after day is the therapeutic quality and how great my body felt afterwards. It alleviates aches and pains and is like a massage from the inside out. I am so inspired to share our practice with other pre and post natal women!

I was able to come to all the normal mat and tower classes at Power Pilates because Susan specializes in pregnancy and knows which poses to leave off during this time and which poses we can do with variations. We use supportive bolsters and blocks for many poses to accommodate and the pregnant anatomy so as to strengthen, lengthen and stretch in a supportive healthy way!”

Group and private Pilates classes are available at Power Pilates.

 Video editing by David Sabshon


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