Mother’s day Gift Idea, Bespoke Loquet by Loquet London

We’re all about the customizable gifts this Mother’s Day (and any gift-worthy occasion, really), and these ‘loquets’ from Loquet London are the perfect way to exercise a bit of creativity in crafting a one-of-a-kind gift for mom.

Launched in 2013 by friends Sheherezade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey, Loquet London’s jewellery is classic in style, but with just enough character to make each piece irreplaceable: “Every loquet tells a story, each charm represents an emotion, a special memory…” says Sheherezade. The loquets come in a variation of shapes, sizes, and precious metals, and the charms range from birthstones to tiny creatures (like the dragonfly shown here) to flowers (our favorite for Mother’s Day) and more. Think of each loquet as the enhanced version of a hand-written card–perfect for carrying close the the heart.

Loquet prices start from $534, charms from $30.50

Visit Loquet London, and find inspiration on their Instagram


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