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I’m sure many of us mums would agree that after having a baby, it’s inevitable to feel like a mess almost on a daily basis. The lack of sleep, baby stains of all sorts, and a general lack of time to look after oneself leaves us slightly depressed, doesn’t it? Instinctively my way of coping was to do the unexpected – I overdressed, even at home! As much as possible I really wanted to feel good about myself 😉

One of my favorite pieces to wear post-pregnancy was a nice robe. Whenever I breastfed, I especially loved putting on this Louise Shrunken cover-up by Sleepy Jones. The light cotton feels so great on your skin and the Swiss dots give that nice touch for a soft and precious look. It’s perfectly chic and makes you feel super comfortable while at home – a definite must-have for the chic mommies out there!

Robe available online from SleepyJones.com

Teddy Bear by Steiff

Photography by Ethan James Green



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Easter Style with Italy’s I Pinco Pallino



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