It’S A Girl!

I am so happy to announce that my good friend and Romy and The Bunnies contributor, Kate Schelter, has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Charlotte Katherine Schumacher. She was born on August 21. Both mom and baby are doing just fine!

Here we have a list of all the things Kate packed to prepare for her delivery.




  • • Going home outfit
  • • White onesie from my mom in Paris
  • • White bonnet
  • • White hand-knit blanket from my Mother-in-law
  • • Baby nail file and clippers
  • Maxi Cosi car seat: a hand me down from my best friend



  • • Canon G9 Camera and battery
  • • Watercolor paints and paper: my husband and I used these to paint her birth announcement in the recovery days at the hospital
  • Bose sounddock for iPhone (I asked my husband to make a playlist of songs we love)
  • • About 10 hand-painted affirmations that I made to encourage me during delivery. We taped them on the wall and all of us repeated them during labor: my husband, Doula, doctor, nurses, my mom. It really helped me feel supported to hear what I needed to hear.
  • • Lavender-filled eye pillow
  • • Ice Popsicles: Popsicles were my best friend during delivery. Popsicles and ice chips were the only things I was allowed to eat.
Kate Schelter and Charlotte Katherine Schumacher


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