Caroline Winberg, Model and Tv Presenter. Mother of Casper 18 months

London, England


How was your pregnancy? What were the best moment, but also the hardest moment?

I thought when I got pregnant that I would feel so great and be super healthy and work out since I quit smoking and drinking. Instead I spent the first 4 months feeling exhausted and super sick everyday. Instead of morning sickness I had afternoon sickness and had a green face and threw up almost everyday around 4pm. All I could eat was cup noodles and toast.The following months were much better I was just a bit bored and could only manage very plain food

You modeled pretty far into your term. How did you manage to stay in shape? Did you have any specific work out that you kept through your pregnancy? Any locations in London that you would like to recommend?

I think since I was sick in the beginning and was on a only carb diet throughout the pregnancy I didn’t gain much weight at all. I gained most of the weight the last month. I started doing pregnancy yoga at triyoga which I found very easy in the beginning but towards the end the teacher had to wake me up after class. I actually went to a class the day I gave birth. I also did lots of cranial sacral therapy which helped my body and mind to stay relaxed.

What was your typical pregnant dressing? Did you have to give up into maternity pieces (they are most awful except a few jeans brands lol)

I didn’t have a belly bump until around 6-7 months and I did normal modeling til that time. I was wearing some of my stretchy leather pants and mens shirts. In the end I did get 2 pairs of pregnancy jeans from H&M, I wore them so much I wanted to burn them up after I gave birth. What I didn’t realise was that they would be the only jeans that fit me after birth as well. It took me around 2 months to squeeze into my old jeans again.

What was your beauty routine? Where you all about organic and natural beauty products then?

I kept most of the same beauty routine as I always had. I love products from the french pharmacy and I’m obsessed with Weleda skin food. I did drench my body in bio oil and coconut oil.


What do you love the most about your new role as a mother?

I just didn’t know that you can love someone as much as I love Casper. Sometimes I think I’m almost to obsessed with him. I just love spending time with him and as every mother I think he’s super advanced and I get amazed by every little thing he learns and do

What has been the most challenging, and surprising thing about motherhood so far?

The first few months were very challenging. My birth had a few complications so I was in pain everywhere and no one had told me how much breastfeeding hurts. My abs separated as well and I had lots of back pain. He’s thank god a very easy child who sleeps very well so I’m never really tired and up at night

How has motherhood affected your schedule, work travels etc?

I definitely don’t travel as much as a used to. If I do shoots away for a few days I always make sure I come back home straight after. I don’t do back to back trips if I can’t fly my boys in with me. Most of the time Casper comes with me if I work in cities. My day to day schedule has changed of course. If I’m home alone I eat dinner with him at 5pm and often head to bed around 9.30pm myself. If my boyfriend is home we eat together after Casper goes to bed. Instead of going to restaurants we often have dinner parties at home.

What is a typical day for you?

Me and boyfriend do every other morning with casper. He just dropped his morning nap ( he loves sleeping ) so after breakfast we normally go to the park and look for ducks. Then i prepare his lunch at home, when he naps I answer emails and clean up his mess. In the afternoon we normally do a class or see some friends with kids. He has dinner at 5 and goes to bed at 7. I guess like every mom I spend most of my “free” time cooking his meals or cleaning up his mess.

What are your favorite things to do together with Casper?

I love taking him to the zoo because he loves animals. We also go to music classes which he loves as well. Anything that has to do with exploring I love. It’s just amazing to see the world through his eyes. He can stare at some ants for  hours or feed ducks all day. I have to admit I also like when he comes into our room and snuggle at night.

You live in London, what swedish tradition to try to maintain the most and share with Casper?

I live in london but we go to Stockholm a lot! I only speak swedish to him and cook him lots of swedish food. I have to say I prefer the swedish school system to the system in the UK. We are also very outdoorsy which we are in swedish kindergartens and schools.

What are your favorite places to go together to?

With a kid I love going to the sun. Easy to get them ready in the morning and he loves swimming. We have been to the Bahamas a few times, Bali and Thailand this year for christmas. Asia is amazing for kids since the people there are so friendly and helpful.

What are your favorite children’s brands?

I basically dress Casper like myself. He wears a lot of stripes and skinny jeans and I have bought him lots of cool little nike and adidas sneakers. I do most of my shopping at baby gap and zara. Pyjamas are great at H&M. In Sweden I buy him lots of things at Livly, Polarn, Pyret and Mini Rodini.

What are your favorite places to go together with Casper in London? And around the world?

In london we go to the science museum a lot, the library and the little zoo in battersea park. Sometimes we go to Purple Dragon and now he loves Gambado.  He loves any park anywhere around the world. In sweden I take him to Junibacken ( astrid Lindgren world ) a lot!

You travel a lot, do you have any tips to share for mom’s traveling for the first time with their little ones?

I was so nervous the first time I traveled alone with Casper but he was so small and slept the whole way. The yo -yo stroller is a must for anyone who travels alone with a child and a extra change for both you and him. Explosive shits on the plane is not a joke. I’m not scared to ask for help on the plane. I often have the stewardess hold him when I use the restroom. I also bring lots of snacks and liquids for both myself and him. Now when he’s older I have the say the iPad with a movie always works and lots of books.

What can we find in your mommy bag?

Raisins, ella yoghurts, diapers and wipes. Weleda skin products for babies. Football and blanket for the park and extra clothes for him.

What can’t you live without?

I think a little quiet time for myself at some point during the day. It can be reading a book after he goes to bed or just walking down the street alone listening to a podcast. Things I didn’t find important before but now I love them.


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