Two years ago, Margherita Missoni was pregnant with her first child, Otto, and the hunt for adorable yet practical children’s clothing proved difficult. Now with baby number two one the way, she’s debuting her new children’s line, simply named Margherita. Spirited and sweet, all of the 70 plus pieces are made to mix and match – great for busy or messy days. Don’t look for Missoni’s signature patterns and prints here. Instead, the affordable line was heavily influenced by Margherita’s own playful style from her childhood–think boho chic. The line includes pieces for girls and boys ages 0-2 and continues for girls up to age 7. Find the collection exclusively at Nordstrom stores and online at Yoox.

We asked Margherita a few questions about her collection and her second pregnancy:

Can you share a bit about the design process? What inspired you?

I wanted to create proper clothes for children, not mini versions of grown up clothes. I wanted a collection of pieces that could be mixed and matched, so that the kids would be able to chose for themselves when the opened their closets. I also wanted garments that would keep the little ones free to move (hence comfortable shapes) and to get down and dirty (hence easy to wash). Keeping a reasonable price point was also very important to me–I’m happy to buy some special pieces every once in a while, but mostly this is the price range I like to look into for my son ($30-$80).

You’re Pregnant with baby number two! Is there anything you didn’t know the first time that you’re glad you know now?

Well, I’m dressing much better for my shape now–I’ve learned to steer away from the “circus-tent” style dress, and that concealing your bump for as long as possible helps the pregnancy feel shorter. The first time it felt never-ending to me, this time it’s going by in the bat of an eye and I’m already in the last two months.

What’s it been like balancing work, motherhood, and pregnancy? When did you feel most balanced? Least balanced?

The first time, the fact that I was pregnant was always in the back of my mind–I gave into it so much more. This time I went on as if it was nothing until the 28th week, which also coincided with Milan Fashion Week, and then it hit me: suddenly I was exhausted and my back started killing me. I took it as a sign that I should slow down, so now I’m chilling at home with my babies, taking care of the nursery, starting to see my midwife (last time I did this at the fourth month!) and working the bare minimum from my sofa.

What are some of your favorite pieces from the new line?

I love the striped boy knit with central pocket, the pinafore (apron style) navy fish print dress and the crossed back geometric print dress for baby girls.

What are you most excited for about becoming a mom again?

I was lying in bed last night and tears of emotion came down my cheeks at the thought of those little chicken legs kicking next to me in two months. I was imagining tiny, deep, black eyes looking into mine in the middle of the night and I couldn’t have been happier.

By Eva Morreale

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