When it comes to jewelry, New York design duo Stephanie Wynne and Jenny Klatt know what busy working moms want to wear. Their Jemma Wynne line of modern, minimalist, and luxe jewelry–think stackable 18k gold bangles, delicately detailed diamond earrings, and, our favorite, diamond and gold ear fans– is destined to become a classic. Stephanie and Jenny are not only co-designers and business partners, but also best friends and mothers, so we thought it would be fun to chat with them about jewelry, babies, and the inspiration behind their exquisite jewelry. 


How did Jemma Wynne get its start?

Stephanie: I always loved art, design, and jewelry, and after discovering a bead store in Washington DC while I was in college studying graphic design, I decided to try to make some things. Soon I was selling my handmade pieces to stores in New York and New Jersey, and when a college friend asked if I wanted to be introduced to a well known New York jewelry designer for a potential job, I jumped on the opportunity! I met Jenny there, and three years later Jemma Wynne was born.

Jenny: Growing up as the only girl in a family of three boys, I ended up spending a lot of my time with my mother–who is an extremely talented artist and painter. She invested so much time helping me pursue my creative endeavors–I took painting classes throughout my childhood, which helped refine my skills. Later, I took a mosaic class, which sparked my interest in designing intricately detailed mosaic art, tiled furniture, and jewelry.

Coincidentally, Stephanie and I have followed very similar paths. We were both very artistic and creative growing up,  and stumbled into the world of jewelry making in college. It started as a hobby for both of us, but as we wore our pieces we began to develop small followings. As I started selling more pieces, I decided to start a small business selling my jewelry at private trunk shows, where I developed a devout clientele. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I loved what I was doing and this was my passion. After I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, I went to work for a fine jewelry designer in New York City, and that’s where Stephanie and I met in 2005. We very quickly realized we shared a passion for jewelry making, and a similar design aesthetic. We felt like we had innovative ideas and wanted to share our vision. It was that creativity that drove us to start Jemma Wynne only a few years later in 2008.

What inspires your designs? 

Jenny: Walking down the streets in New York City, we are surrounded by some of the most fashionable women in the world . There is so much creativity–we’re inspired by the originality of these women, and the way they mix and match their wardrobes.

Stephanie: Art has always had a large influence in my life. It definitely contributes to shapes and color palettes in our work. My favorites are impressionist and contemporary pieces with lots of interesting and unexpected colors mixed together. Right now, I am loving Dale Frank’s works.  I’m also always inspired by mixing mine and Jenny’s styles. Jenny has a more relaxed feminine style, and I have more of a tailored and polished style. I love sitting with Jenny to talk about it coming up with an idea for a piece . The result is always the perfect mix of feminine and classicly tailored pieces that work for all women!

What are your favorite gifts pieces for the holidays?

Stephanie: Currently my favorite pieces to gift are our ear fans. They update any earring and look good on everyone! My daughter loves pointing them out whenever I wear them. “Sparkly earrings!!!” she says.

Jenny: I agree with Steph, I think our ear fans are having a major gifting moment. It adds that ‘cool factor’ to the typical stud, and everyone that tries them on loves them. I’m also very excited about our new gold engraveable tablet bracelet- cant go wrong with gifting something sentimental.

Has motherhood changed the way you wear jewelry?

Jenny: My general aesthetic has always been pretty relaxed and feminine, so I am prone to wearing more comfortable and personal jewelry. My 3-year-old daughter is very into dress-up and jewels these days. She is very focused on what I choose to wear–she will always tell me ‘wear the L necklace for Livia’.  So, while I don’t think motherhood has changed the way I wear my jewelry, it has definitely influenced the pieces I put on in the morning!

Stephanie: I think I have always worn my jewelry in the same way; however, I am definitely more aware now of how easy and comfortable our pieces really are because I don’t  have to take them off when I’m with my daughter or running around the city. They get put on and kind of just live on me all day.

Thank you Jenny and Stephanie!  

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