Anti Maternity Lingerie For Valentine’S Day

We all know that it is quite hard to find nice lingerie pieces when pregnant. The choice in maternity lingerie wear is already limited, let alone when it comes to special occasions such as…Valentine’s day, when you want to feel sexy– pregnant or not!

My answer to this dilemma is to simply forget the word “maternity”, and use your imagination to find normal lingerie pieces that can fit your bump. I have found that the best designs are baby doll slip dresses (usually more floaty in the front leaving lots of space), and little “aprons” (giving a little naughty look).

Here are a few of my favorite pieces!


Temptation Baby Doll dress by Victoria Secret Bow Embroidered Apron Babydoll dress by Vicoria's Secret Esthar red apron by L'agent by Agent Provocateur Alina Babydoll by Agent Provocateur Birthday Suit Babydoll by Agent Provocateur

Must Have

Claudine And Ash


Minimal Natural Chic



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