Karolina Kurkova, Mother Of Tobin, 3 Years Old

Hi Karolina, how old is your son Tobin?

Three and a half, which is such a cute age and he’s really starting to come into his own, personality-wise. He’s constantly making me laugh!

How adorable! Tobin’s name is so unique. How did you decide on his name?

Tobin was named in memory of a very special person in my husband Archie’s life. We liked that it was meaningful and unique.

What was your typical day-to-day pregnancy look? 

I’d say my pregnancy attire was comfortable but put-together. I kept it simple and casual most of the time, and used accessories – a great bag or jewelry – to personalize the look.

And did you give into maternity clothing at all?

I wanted to keep my personal style while I was pregnant so I wore a lot of loose tops with belts, flowy dresses, and leggings. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing so I often highlighted that area of my body.

How did you keep yourself in good shape? 

I ate healthily and took care of myself while I was pregnant. I made sure to exercise a few times a week, whether it was walking, yoga or Pilates. I continued to travel while I was pregnant but let my body rest when it needed it.

Can you give us a run down of your daily pregnancy beauty routine? 

I tried to use natural and organic products during pregnancy, which wasn’t such a change from my usual routine.

And what about these days, what are your must-have beauty products?

I am a big believer in moisturizing often and rejuvenating your skin. Some of my favorite beauty products are Elan Veda’s Skin Renue, Osmosis Polish and Weleda Rose Spray Deodorant which smells refreshing and doesn’t leave stains! Now that it’s summer, I always carry Epicuren SPF 45 on me.

Describe a perfect day with your son. What do you enjoy doing with them the most?

Some of our best days are cooking breakfast together at home, and heading down for an afternoon at the beach. Tobin keeps us on our toes whether it’s chasing him into the water or building sandcastles. There’s nothing more perfect than all of us spending quality time together.

What are some of your favorite children’s wear brands? 

J. Crew, Zara Kids, Makie Clothier and Nature Baby all have great clothing for children.

Any tips for traveling with kids? What would you recommend all mums to remember to pack for the plane?

Oh yes! It’s all about organization. I pack lots of Ziploc bags, extra changes of clothes, coloring books, wipes, natural hand sanitizer!  It’s important to keep your child occupied—puzzles, a DVD player or an iPad come in handy on flights or long car rides. Tobin sometimes travels with a little scooter. It tires him out in the airport and gives him a sense of independence.

Last but not least, what do you love most about being a mother?

There’s nothing better than getting up to the sound of “mommy” every morning. It’s the most important job I have.

Illustration by Ricardo Fumanal



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