Something Personal

A few weeks ago, my good friend Kate Schelter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Kate is the genius behind the beautiful illustrations you see on Romy and The Bunnies. Unsurprisingly I have been asked numerous times whether Kate takes private commissions. Lucky for us, the answer is a definite yes!

Kate offers private commissions for baby shower gifts, nursery decor, birthdays, and other events to lend the perfect personal touch to a meaningful heirloom. She will customize colors and help you chose a subject matter that is special, appropriate, and completely unique! You can add anything from names and dates, to the hospital or even doctor’s names, whatever you wish. Kate’s artwork is done on archival acid-free paper, and can be shipped internationally, unframed or gallery framed with museum glass.

For more information you can reach Kate by email at!

Jellycat watercolor by Kate Schelter


Flashback of the week: Muhammad and Laila Ali, 1977

Gap X Sarah Jessica Parker

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