Prenatal Pilates

For the penultimate video of our Prenatal Pilates series, Susan Moran and Kate Schelter demonstrate an arm, shoulder, and back strengthener using Physio Band II. For maximum support, Susan also recommends the use of a yoga block.

In this interview conducted by Kate, we learn more about the amazing benefits of Prenatal Pilates, and the importance of staying active during pregnancy.

Hi Susan,

I’ve been training with you for over 7 years and you knew, the moment you saw me, that I was pregnant! You said to me, “I want to get you as strong as I can while you still can.” Can you explain what you meant? It became a very important mantra for me.

When a client of mine becomes pregnant, the focus is two fold:

1) To remember that you are at your healthiest when pregnant (assuming the client is in a healthy pregnancy), and empower you to work at a level or pace that “honors” the pregnancy, while still maintaining a healthy fitness routine.

2) To maintain the core strength you had gained up until pregnancy and add additional exercises to accommodate how each individual feels (as all pregnancies are unique to each individual).

I always want my pregnant clients to walk out of a session feeling joyful and empowered.

You have such a deep understanding of the female anatomy, pregnancy, and pilates. How did that come to be your life mission?

This became my life’s mission after my own pregnancy by realizing that the female anatomy is miraculous as is the female spirit, so in every session I nurture and focus on both, for the spirit a simple smile goes a long way.

What would you say to an expecting mother who wants to try pilates, or feels different about their body while pregnant?

To the expectant mom I say, allow and honor the pregnancy, and know that you are at your healthiest!

How do the bolsters (that semi-circular wooden arch) help in practice?

Bolsters add additional support for the client during the latter part of the pregnancy when “scooping” the abdominals is a bit different and challenging.

Why are stretching and strengthening so important during pregnancy?

Strength and stretch go hand in hand due to the center of gravity shifting as well as the additional weight.

I know some women are a bit nervous to exercise or try things when they are pregnant. What are some things to look for in a great teacher or prenatal Pilates teacher?

Tips for a good teacher are simply that they are not trying to push you to the next level but empower you through movement and want to maintain your current strength level.

Any other tips you have for expecting and new mothers?

Enjoy each and every change in your body and spirit. Honor the pregnancy and know that movement during pregnancy can help with the fatigue, nausea, and fears that pregnancy can bring on. It is not a permanent state but a lovely and joyful one, if that is your perspective.

Thank you Susan!

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Video Editing by David Sabshon



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