Party Planning: The perfect Minnie Mouse Birthday party


The bigger and the less cluttered the space, the better. A large clean space like a photo studio is always a great idea if possible. We were extremely lucky to be welcomed at Milk Studios, allowing us to have more than enough space to welcome 40 kids and their parents



Romy (and I!) really wanted to have Minnie Mouse to come and do an appearance at the party. Finding Disney Characters was harder to find than what I thought. But a friend recommended us Dave’s Cast of Characters which has been a real revelation! Not only did they have any single character you want to hire, but their performance goes beyond a simple appearance. For two hours, they played, dance, sang with the kids making sure there was not one dull moment.

Dave’s Cast of Characters offered also everything else we were looking for, making it so much easier to plan and manage. Disney Theme Indoor Bouncy castle, a wonderful face painter, and an extremely patient and resourceful animator, singing, dancing, and coming with all sorts of games including a treasure hunt for the kids.  Parents could just step back and enjoy a drink 😉



Being between 4.30 to 6.30pm, I installed a self serving Minnie Mouse Theme candy  and Juice/Water Bar bar for the kids, which was followed by a seated pizza dinner and then of course, the Minnie Mouse cake.

I like to ordered a lot of the candies and candy bowls on Amazon. I also love that swedish place, sockerbit which has the best kind of european sweets.Party City also has a great Disney selection! Etsy was a great place to look for customized things, such as a Minnie Mouse Lollipop Bouquet and the best, personalized pink Minnie Mouse bottle labels with “Romy’s Fourth Birthday” printed on them which made drinking water way more appealing for the kids! And looked much nicer on the table. Every detail counts!

I ordered the drinks on Still and sparkling water, diet coke, organic apple juice for the kids, and prosecco for the parents.

For Pizza, I used Joe’s pizza and ordered 15 Margarita large pizzas which was largely enough to feed both kids and parents. I pre-ordered a couple days before to have something less to worry about on the day of the event and they were extremely punctual  (even a bit early).

Every birthday, I order Romy’s cake from SweetGrace. Liza, who runs this small cake design business is extremely professional and will make anything you want! Each year I send her a moldboard of how I want the cake and I was never disappointed! She also delivers which is great!


The most difficult was to pick a theme. Once we opted for Minnie Mouse, I google a few inspirations to create a mood board. I was debating between the original Minnie Mouse colors Red/White or a softer version Light Pink/White. I obviously opted for the softer version. Bright red and 40 kids was a bit too “aggressive”.

I ordered almost everything on amazon, paper cups, plastic champagne flutes, napkins, paper plates, utensils, table clothes. Most of it all was plain pink or pink with polka dots, and a few things with “Minnie Mouse on it”.

The main focus was the long dinner table, covered with a long pink table cloths, pink polka dots napkins and paper plates. Behind each chair, I attached a pink balloon, or pink polka dot balloon which really held the dining space together. I Always order my balloons from Balloon Saloon. I ordered 25 light pink balloons, 25 polka dot light pinks balloons (so I had enough to high one behind each chair and scared the other around the room). I also ordered the Minnie Mouse “Air Walker” and two Minnie Mouse Face Balloons.


I got everything from Party City which had so many Mickey and Minnie options. I filled them up with crayons, stickers, candies, bubble makers, and mini cameras.

I had the bags custom made as Mickey and Minnie on Etsy








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