Getting your child ready and getting yourself ready in the morning can feel like total madness, especially as a single parent! I recently gave all my beauty tips on how to look decent at school drop off the quickest way possible,  but another way of being as efficient in the morning as possible is to have a sort of basic uniform, allowing me to get dressed fast, yet avoiding the typical sweat pants look!

I like to keep it simple, with basic shapes and a minimal choice of colors….no prints! navy, black, white, grey (actually sounds like my own school’s color code when growing up) and denim. Classic timeless shapes: crew neck sweaters, mid length skirts, blazers…Everything I own mix well with each other allowing me to get dressed up quite quickly.

My personal touch to look put together but still be able to run and be formidable is to invest in a nice pair of flats, or even…kitten heels. Gives me the height I need for a nice silhouette yet allows to me run like marathon man at 8am!


Here are some of my must have for this fall



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Flashback Of The Week



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