Karla Martinez De Salas

Co-founder of Piamita & Fashion Editor, 8 months pregnant with twins

Mexico City

What are you looking the most forward to in becoming a mother?

I grew up in a big family where my younger brother was 5 years younger and my sister 10 years younger and I always loved being around them. My mom was very hands on and loving, but not in an overbearing way. I realize that being a mother takes some sacrifice, but I am ready and excited to share my life with these two little girls and learn from them as much as they will learn from me. I never thought I had that maternal instinct like my mother did, but one thing I love to do in life is take care of people and I enjoy thinking of ways to make others happy.

What was the hardest part of your pregnancy? 

I think the hardest part in the beginning was getting through the three month period. I had two miscarriages which are very difficult and make you extremely cautious and anxious the next time you are pregnant. I was also told to not exercise for those 12 weeks which for me is very hard!

Any Cravings?

For a week straight I also ate peanut butter and toast every night for dinner!!!!

Working in Fashion and known for your style, has pregnancy affect a lot the way you dress?

I live in Mexico City now which is cooler in the summer  than NYC so I’ve been wearing a lot of jeans/bottoms with blouses and jackets. I used to wear dresses all summer but that is difficult here because of the weather. Temperature pretty much stays the same all year – kind of like San Francisco – with a short winter and then it feels like spring again.

What has been some of your favorite pieces to wear while you were expanding?

I love two pairs of cropped j brand jeans that I got at least 5 years ago that I wear every other day, Piamita silk blouses, a pair of classic slim pants called the Brigitte and I alternate a few different jackets – one Chanel, Balenciaga navy blazer and a vintage Saint Laurent blazer. I bought two celine tops this summer that worked well with my growing belly – and added my favorite scarf. Of course my favorite thing to wear is always a crewneck knit from J Crew or Celine with jeans. I bought two pairs of fun shoes to dress up my outfits – Louis Vuitton studded kitten heel and the Gucci fur lined moccasin. I also bought two dresses from Rebecca Taylor that are amazing!

Did you give up into any “maternity” clothes?

My sister bought me a few pairs of jeans but I’m waiting until the last stretch to wear them when nothing fits!!

Your manage to look so fit despite carrying two babies! how did you maintain your shape? Any specific workout?

When I’m in NYC I try and go up to Punch fitness and box -their instructors know what I can and can’t do. Even prior to pregnancy, I had trouble with my arms so definitely need to keep them in shape even more now. In Mexico I do a mix of everything – I go to True Pilates,  an NY based studio started by Romana, one of Joseph Pilates first students, yoga at home with my teacher Paula Karate, boxing with an instructor that comes to my house and of course, I try and walk a lot. Mexico isn’t a walking city so you really have to try.

What have been your favorite beauty product to use during your pregnancy?

I love Burts Bees baby oil for extra moisturizing. Ren, a Moroccan oil for my arms and legs. I Have been using my usual mix of Chanel sublimate beauty products daily and for night time. Where you all about all natural products? I tried to stop using deodorant and only use natural but it’s quite hard to eliminate  everything so a good mix is the best I can do! Mama Mio exfoliating scrub for my itchy skin has helped a lot.

How did you pamper yourself? (example, Spa? special massage?)

In NYC, a friend recommended Angela at Y Salon Gallery on Lafayette for her lymphatic drainage massage that was amazing!! I would go to her twice a week if I could! In Mexico I head to the St Regis spa where they do great lymphatic drainage as well and use Mamma Mio products and the place is beautiful! You feel like you leave the chaotic city and enjoy the great views.

You live in between NYC and Mexico city, what do you think are the pros and cons of both cities in raising a child?

The cities are quite similar in that they are both chaotic cities with a lot of energy and both very rich in culture. When I think of NYC, I am referring to my life in Manhattan. I think some of the PROS of being in NYC is being able to grab your stroller or your baby bjorn and walk wherever you need to go (almost). There are a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures which is very enriching for children, you have the best doctors and medical facilities, education from a very early age, and cultural institutions that your kids have access to. I think the CONS of NYC are the weather (very long winters), extremely expensive childcare and schooling, and relatively few parks and green areas unless you move to the outer boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx). I have also been to many restaurants in Manhattan that don’t allow strollers, in Mexico you are more than welcome with multiple strollers and whatever accessories you might need!

In Mexico some of the PROS are childcare is well priced to allow moms to work without a huge financial strain. It has a very family oriented culture, welcoming to children. The weather here is pretty great – not too extreme – in the summer it gets to about 85 maximum and winter a really cold day is in the 50’s which isn’t too bad. Its also a city with a lot of culture – we are the city that comes in second for most museums.  I think the biggest cons are the traffic, air pollution, having to use a car to go almost anywhere aside from certain areas of the city and you have to be very aware of your surroundings as its a big city and parts of it can be dangerous with petty crime. There is also a lot of disparity between rich and poor which can lead some children to be very sheltered. The same could be said of Manhattan so I think its important to expose your children to everything, all kinds of people and areas so they don’t live in a bubble.

I saw a suitcase full of baby clothes, what have been some of your favorite baby shopping destinations so far?

Shopping for the babies has been so fun – in New York – my friends told me about Makie, Sweet William and the French classic Bonpoint for special pieces. For great cotton pjs and basics I like Baby Cottons. In El Paso where my mom lives I went to a local store called Duck Duck Goose where they stock everything from Petit Bateau, Magnolia Baby to beautiful hand embroidered Spanish dresses. In Mexico City – they have beautiful children’s stores and furniture – I bought my cribs from NIDO based in San Miguel de Allende and buy clothes from Clayette and Neeno’s in Las Lomas. My friend Carlos Garcia Velez – a menswear designer made them mini cashmere sweat suits which are adorable and the first baby Piamita prototypes were made and will be tested on the baby girls! Very exciting.

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